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Sappy! (sad and happy)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bam Bam, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Ya, i'm sad and happy at the same time!

    On Sunday just past, I went for a bit of a ride around the Dandenongs.
    About an hour in, i realise my bike has been changing in sound.
    It's a 2013 Ducati monster 696 (lams). I brought it 2nd hand a few months ago and completely love it!

    I pull over and yep, it definitely sounds worse than normal! i have a good look at what i can, but nothing seems wrong and power and response are normal...
    Hmmm, i reckon now's a good time to head home!

    Noise gets slightly worse and by the time i get home, it's enough to know there's something that just ain't right!
    But i make it home, beautiful... now let's see what's up.
    Looking and feeling around i have isolated the sound to be coming from the cam belt cover of the front cylinder. Like, right under the cover, something hitting the cover!

    Take off the cover and see the problem straight away! The cam pulley, yes the one directly bolted to the cam,
    is just about completely off! about 1 full thread of nut holding it to the cam shaft!!!!
    I feel shocked!
    The noise is the belt and pulley hitting the cover! i can physically wobble the pulley and belt have some great slack in it!
    So I'm sad!
    Christ!! I'm thinking! Lucky it did not come off while i was leaned over with over a $1.00 on the till!
    This could have been messy for me and the bike if the pulley came right off while riding!
    I guess I'm happy about that!
    Siht! i hope it's just the pulley and nothing like bent valves etc!
    Oh well, i guess I'll just tighten the bugger up!
    Hang on! Ducati have used a lovely nut that has slots in it! Not a regular nut!
    I guess this isn't a home job and i'm gonna need to spend money!

    Wait up, this bike isn't even 2 years old! I'm sure Duc's are 2 years right??
    Hmm, i'll look in the book. It says it was sold in July 2013.
    Please tell me this thing is still under warranty!!! Please!!

    I ring Ducati City on Monday, after half an hour on the phone with them (they were great to deal with)
    we had found that the bike was sold on 31st July 2013! so still under warranty!
    YES!!! happy!
    Even better is that it covers road side assist as well, which means they worry about getting the bike to them.!
    Yes! More money saved!

    Cam belts are due every 2 years and runs around $900 fitted, but because they are ruined from the pulley coming loose, they will be changing those too!

    Got a call from them today, parts needed will be a few weeks! Then they still have to do the work!
    Dang! sad!!

    Looks like i won't get my bike till the end of the month! Sad!
    Happy it's happened in the middle of winter and not summer!
    Sad it happened at all!
    happy it's getting done under warranty!
    Sad, I already miss my monster!
    Happy it's now and not on my way to California Super Bike school i've booked in September!

    I don't know why, but i needed to share that!
    Non biker folk just don't understand!! LOL!
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  2. Monster on the way to the Doctor's!
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  3. Wow, you've dodged several bullets at the same time there.....
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  4. That wasn't a bullet, that was a 25 pounder.
    Buy a lottery ticket.
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  5. Lol!
    In truth, I'm very grateful!
    I'm glad I headed home and not pushed on! It really was on the limit!
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  6. Nice one Neo.
    I hope you get it back soon and it doesn't let you down again.
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  7. Shame to hear you've lost your bike for a few weeks, but it could have been much more annoying than it ended up.
    Hope it's not too long, and it all gets sorted properly.
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  8. Thanks Steve! Winter is a better time for this stuff to happen than summer!
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  9. I must have followed the white rabbit!
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  10. A Ducati monster 696 lams approved? Ummmm
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  11. Whoops, I meant 659!
  12. Awesome write up ... thanks for the read :) Hope you get your baby back soon :)
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  13. I disagree. I'm in a similar position (waiting for parts) and I'm reduced to cycling to work in the rain. Pitiful.
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  14. well that sucks!
    Lucky we haven't had so much rain this winter! yet.
  15. sad it happened to you,happy with the outcome ;)
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  16. Meh it will do you good to get the blood flowing.......:)
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  17. I had a timing chain go in my car once (a 75 Corona!). Fortunately I had the clutch in for a gear change when it happened and coasted into a servo - no other damage done. And I happened to have a spare having swapped out the motor. I hate to think what would happen to a rider if it happened. Could have been worse - my brother did a crankshaft on his Subaru.
    Glad you're ok and covered by warranty!
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  18. shit mate that really sucks! I been so busy with work havnt had much time to ride recently and the weather has been shithouse, on a positive note hte missus finally got her license and we got her a bike! So gonna be getting out alot more if i can, got her a cbr250r which suits her well so once ur baby is back on the road we gotta make a date to go for a cruise been WAYYYYYY too long!
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  19. That's awesome your missus got her bike!
    It has been way too long, but we're halfway through the winter already, and I'll have my bike back before too long!
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