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  1. She's a beauty in red mate!
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  2. congrats :) very nice
  3. it looks fabulous :)
  4. That white racing stripe is a lovely touch too - very stylish! :)
  5. Thanks for and in advance for great comments. This bike has always drawn revered comments from people who love the iconic traditional Triumph range. Red is the fastest color and the sound from those Arrows just demands looks!! Would really enjoy extra power of the new 1200 models but not sure they will be as attractive.
  6. Hey where did you get that special see through number plate from?

    Nice bike BTW
  7. I suspect MadDog, that he got that number plate from the Photo-shop.

    (I.E, he doctored the image to remove the rego number. I've drawn over mine too before uploading as well)
  8. Aah the Photo-shop. where abouts are they, are they a chain of stores or something?
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  9. You could usually find a Kodak booth at the side of a hwy somewhere - twenty years ago!
  10. Oh yes experience tells us not only good guys are out there!!