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Sandown trackday?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by robbied, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Has anyone had a trackday at sandown raceway?

  2. Yeh done a few there, bikes don't use the above circuit, there is an infield that slows the approach into the the turn at the end of the fast back section.
  3. Thanks for the info johnny

    Is it worth paying 145 to go there for a Honda fun day?
    Had any experience with them?
  4. How long has it been since you've been to Sandown Johnny??

    The old infield section was bulldozed about three years ago to extend and change the layout of the horse track. Bikes haven't raced at Sandown for a lot of years so other than occasional ride days she's pretty much exclusively a car track these days. Besides, the guard railing and other walls are waaaay too close to the track edge for MA to even consider giving Sandown a track licence.
  5. Living near by, I would much rather wake up to the sound of the 2 wheeled variety rather than the 4 wheeled early on a Sunday morning.
    There seems to be more and more car races/meets there now and dayam they can get loud, especially with a SW wind :shock:
  6. Well the Honda Riders Club have a trackday going on there this month,

    To me the track looks a bit plain, I dont just want to be going in a loop all day, probably only good to max the bike out and practise high speed corners
  7. ..yeah
    LOTS ....on 4 wheels though...HiPo drive days, Corporate days,
    club race meets (I have a VK Comm touring car)
    great fun! been doing it for years

    high speeds on a bike???
    Sandown is too bloody dangerous for a bike
    I hope this is speed limited coz there are limited runoffs
    for bikes (like NONE at Dandy rd)


  8. I would spend my money on a track that will be fun to ride for bikes. Do a Champions day at Broadford for the same $$, but more fun to ride, safer track,......etc

    Plus, it's a Honda day, how exciting and fun could that possibly be? Now where that paint I need to watch dry............. :LOL:
  9. Haha now lets not get too personal :grin:
    Thanks for the info guys, im gonna pass on sandown
  10. Did a couple of training day at Sandown a few years back, both before and after the track renovations. Both times the speed was limited to 110km/h. The track was definitely less inspiring after the renovations...
  11. I've done a fair few track days at Broadford. It's not my favourite at all. Long straight, almost dead stop, uninspiring scenery....

    HRCA days are good fun, however they are not graded like just about all other track days. This is designed to slow the whole riding group down, as they feel that putting a bunch of quick goes all in the same group causes accidents. This can be good for fun, it does however make it interesting if you are one of the quicker riders.

    Organisationally, they're a great bunch of people, however Champions do Broadford for $10 less, grade the day and are just as well run. Broadford is a technical circuit, not flowing like PI, but certainly better than Sandown.
  12. Mate i did a trackday with Honda at Sandown about 3 months ago and had a hoot.
    There's less people and two groups which equals more track time. Which has got to be better value. Plus it's close to the city so you don't have to trailer your bike. There's a servo 5 mins up the road, so you don't have to take fuel cans with you.
    I enjoyed the track more than Broadford because
    1) I didn't fall off - hehe
    2) It flows better and is heaps faster. Plus you can see around the corners.
    The armco isn't a big issue, mind you i ride the Spur so it's all relative.
    The main straight saw me topping out at 265, into an opening quick lefty, you need to suss your braking markers, but there's plenty of run off if you can't find one :grin:
    then right and straight through the cicane.
    Up into the back corner which is the second slowest on the track and the closest you come to the wall. But your in 2nd by now and only a break fade or a brain fart will see you kiss it.
    Through the hard left onto the back straight, the surface is chopped up and hard to pick a line, but you can see it clearly at the slow entry and have plenty of time to make your decisions.
    Then it's just tuck in and give it shit down the back straight. And it's fun. If you want a rush, get close to the wall as it finishes part way up.
    Then it's a case of who's got the biggest goolies coming into the sweeping left hander.
    I got quicker through here bit by bit as the day progressed, because i could latch onto the faster guys and they showed me what could be done.
    Then it's straight through the esses and point the bike at the deepest point of the far corner, wash off all that speed from the sweeper, tip in hard and fast, and the first one on the gas gets the run to the next corner.
    most riders on the day will break waaay too early for this one.
    It's right, hold it, tip in hard left and then wind on as much as you can out onto the main straight. Then it's all about the ponies.
    watch your lines onto the main straight. somewhere in that last corner is a dip, or a bump, or ????? that will start up a tank slap that you could really do without. You cant see it from onboard, but you'll know it when you touch it. Just change your line and it's not a problem.
    Of course the plus side is. if your chasing somebody out of the last turn and they hit it. That's an easy pass. :wink:
    I'd go again.
    In fact i might. What's the date?


  13. having been round Sandown...maybe a 500 laps in the past 10 years or so,
    the lefty at the end of the main straight
    ain't opening (its listed as 90°)and catches out lots :evil:
    ...as in 6 or so V8 Supercar drivers at the last Sandown 500
    lets not forget the bloke in the Peugot who did a 360
    as in 360° rollover in his car at a hiperformance drive day last year
    ...ended up in hospital

    ....hope you have Ambulance cover
  14. so hang out wide and cut across it.
  15. Hmmm sorry about the bum-steer, yeh it has been a while since I have ridden there. Without the infield section, one is fairly flying down that back straight, as long as it is respected you should be okay.

    Hell it's another track to experience, I say go for it, just take it easy.

    I don't do Honda days as they aren't really racer orientated but that's good for race track newbies.
  16. hmmmm
    just how long has it been since you went 'round Sandown...?

    if you do that..............
    the left hand steel upright of the HOLDEN sign is gunna get ya

  17. ...and how many laps have you done of Sandown on a bike?

    The point was, and still is, it's a lot of fun and worth doing.