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Sandown Track day - Honda Riders Club

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mmamster, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. All

    I am doing my first Sandown track day on 30 October, having done about a dozen at PI and maybe 6 at Broadford.

    Any one have any comment son the track - eg safety/tips regarding riding a lap/best corners, worst corners etc.

    Also anyone done an HRCA ruide day? Any special rules or restrictions I should know about - other than roadbikes/no slicks or race bikes rule?

    How hard is it to get on a demo Honda on their days?



  2. Hey Mark,
    Im doing the Sandown track day also on the 30th October.

    I have been told Sandown is very tight, not much run off compared to PI etc.... im sure others who may have rode it may also help out here as mine is only second-hand info.
    From what ive read, bike is excatly the way we ride it on the streets, no removal of anything.
    Hope its not to hard to get onto the demo Honda as im eyeing off a spin on the CBR1000!!! Cant wait for that!!
  3. They run the demo bikes in the morning sessions then usually pack em up for the arvo. As soon as you get there look for the big ol' whiteboard with session times on them and bang your name up there as soon as you can.

    Tip 1) do one or two sessions on your own bike first to learn the layout.
    Tip 2) try the 600 before the litre, it is a tight track that suits the 600s quite well, so don't be too smitten with the bigger bike.
    Tip 3) don't prang em.

    Have fun now. Chef.
  4. Cheers for the tips Chef....

    Ill be riding my 600 so hence me wanting to have a go on the 1000 to see how the two compare.
  5. Is it open to anyone?

    I'm keen to do a trackday and it's just down the road from me...
  6. Yeah it's open to all, no need to be a HRCA member or a Honda rider in particular. You should be able to find the details through the Honda site.

    It'll be my first "track" day, so looking forward to it.
  7. Sweet, got the form off their site.

    It's not cheap though. At $160 (after adding the $20 one-day MA license) it'd almost be worth going down to the Island. Nice and close though.

    Can anyone give an idea of how much track time you get for the day?
  8. My opinion on Sandown... spend the extra $$ and go to Phillip Island.

    The track at Sandown isn't the best of surfaces, is patchy, the kerbs are high in some spots, there's fark all run off in most places, and in other places there's none... just good ol' armco. If you're use to PI or broady, then Sandown will be a let down. I found it more dangerous than riding PI.

    Just my opinion tho.
  9. I did the last one of these, awesome fun, but be warned, they do not split the groups into speed levels. I suggested it for next time but we'll see if they do anything about it. I was lapping a guy on a VFR800 every second lap!
  10. thanks for mentioning that JO. this is my biggest gripe with the Honda ride days. U get the fast guys thrown in with the noobs, and its downright dangerous!

    the only thing u can do is ride predictable and let the quick guys go around you. then swap roles and do the same around the slower people.
  11. watch yourself at Turn 3 as the Armco is damn close there. also watch the kerb out of 4 as it can throw you into the fence.

    Take it easy over the top the first time as well.
  12. All bikes have to be roadworthy, no race bikes so that cuts out the racers at least.
  13. There is plenty of places to overtake at Sandown, so you should not have a problem there.

    The straight is somewhat bumpy, especially coming into it.

    But I loved Sandown and will do it again. Close to home, so it does not take too long to get home when you are stuffed after the ride day.
  14. The best thing about Sandown is it's location. Going to the island will cost another $70 on top of you're $160, but if you really want to get the most out of the experience then you really need to get some accommodation for the night before, and you should really be trailering your bike down there in case you can't ride it back for some reason. So that = $$$.

    Whereas for the folks who aren't set up properly for trackdays Sandown is a good option. Easy to get to, it's not too far for the ride home (or a cab fare), and you don't need to take fuel with you, it's easy to duck out from the circuit and get to the servo just around the corner.

    HRCA don't usually get a full field at Sandown, so they will most likely be running three groups that stay out for 20 mins sessions. Johnny O's right though, they don't split the groups into rider levels so it's a mixed bag when you're out there, but hey, that's kinda fun :)
  15. Interesting.

    I realized I've got an exam on that day so its a moot point now. I'll do a PI ride day or SB school in Nov/Dec.
  16. Thanks all for the replies. The thing I love about this site is the enthusiastic responses I get - I just checked my email and find 2 pages of answers!!

    I will be riding a GSXR600 so I will do a session on that before riding the blade. I have ridden it before on the road as well as an R1 on the track at broadford and PI so I should be OK I think.

    Bummer about the ungraded groups, it is dangerous IMHO. At least it sounds like we will get a lot of track time of there are only 3 groups.

    Will watch out for the armcos and ripple strips, I had seen that on some youtube footage and on the V8s the other week.

    If anyone wants to say hi on the day I will be on a black K7 GSXR600 in black/gray alpinestars suit.


  17. Actually it wasn't when I did it last year. Because it's not graded to speed, everybody goes at their own pace and there's not much "jostling" for position. Seems like nobody's ego was put out of joint so they don't go hell for leather trying to catch up and getting themselves in a heap as a result. It was surprisingly very well organised. True there could be somebody who will be lapping others every 2 laps but the slower riders know this and do tend to move out the way or when it's safe to do so. It was stressed that it's a day to wring your bike out without doing it so illegally.

    Yeah that one you have to watch. It's can get pretty bumpy there (especially down the straight).

    It'll be a blast :) Have fun, wish I could go but I've taken too many days off this year already :(
  18. Crash!


    So I had my first crash at speed today at a Sandown track day on the GSXR600 K7.

    It happened at turn 1. It was a low side about 100 m away from the apex under heavy brakes. I missed changing down gears and had no engine braking. I was also probably going a touch fast for the conditions but not out of control. The track was damp with dry patches and an almost dry line.

    I hit the deck at about 120 km/h and slid on my back down the track and then into a gravel trap. The bike went ahead of me and ended up another 30 m in. No damage to me other than ego and a sprained thumb. Leathers were great protection I had an Alpine stars two piece suit on and it was fantastic. Some big scuff marks but that is it.

    The bike looks a bit sick. It didn't tumble over, just slid on the left side bit just about everything on that side is stuffed. Rearset, clip on, engine cover, fairings, tank cover, duck tail, front guards etc. Engine, frame, radiator, drive train, tyres. wheels look ok to my eyes. The yoshi pipe is also fine.

    It is in the shop for a quote on repairs.

    Any thoughts on options.

    So far I am considering

    turning it into a track bike,
    selling the wreck,
    repairing it with the original parts where possible and selling,
    stripping and selling the parts.

    Also can anyone recommend a repairer, this is not an insurance job and I am not cashed up!


  19. That sucks, sorry to hear it :(
  20. Damn, sorry to hear mate.

    If you can afford to repair it, I would suggest this option for resell value I guess. If you like track days, then turn it into a track bike and sell un-necessary bits and pieces, you still get to have fun with it and sell it once you have funds for a new bike...something I would do.