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Sandown, first time!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by arc, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Many thanks to JO for letting me know about this and I did my first Sandown trackday with Honda the other week. Interesting circuit having only ridden Broadford and the Island. Bloody fast back straight, and a couple of tight corners. Overall I really liked the track, so nice to be able to open up the ZX-10.

    Two videos, the first session of the day and the fifth session (with lap times & counter). Available on youtube in 1080p HD, 720p HD, 480p, 360p & 240p. Shot with a ContourHD camera.

    Diablo Rosso Corsa 32 front, 30 rear (cold).

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  2. Hey arc,
    Nice video! I really liked the way you had the lap times on the screen and we got a good look at the speedo.

    Was that like a private session for Honda?

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  3. Great vids there, arc. I was wondering of your thoughts on the track as I've only done a ride day two years ago at Sandown (rained for most of the day).

    And have now followed it up with the AdvII course with HART the other day (had a bit of a chat with you on the day). I should make time to do Broadford.
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  4. how did you get to do a ride day at sandown, i would love to try it out on a bike.
  5. Good stuff Arc. Pretty to watch (y)
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  6. Honda had a ride day there. It's open to all, as long as your bike is registered and in road worthy condition. They do check over the bikes before heading onto the track.

    One important note though, if you have an aftermarket exhaust, residents do put in a complaint now and again, and then Sandown is obligated to take out their noise meter, and I heard that a few riders were sent home early. Most of us knew nothing about this until the riders breifing at the beginning of the day.

    I found out about the day here---->http://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Events
  7. great vids arc, impressive
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  8. F.uck that looks fun. Really have to get myself organised to do a track day.
  9. it's a 75db noise limmit on the exhaust there unfortunately.

    you can hire a hornet, 150 bucks, 3000 excess.
  10. i am so envious i can't watch, we only 2x major tracks in NSW!
  11. If the gov is serious about road safety and taking hoons out of the street then they should promote track days......................where everyone can be supervised and classed according to skills and experience, not to mention a safer environment.
  12. Hmmm... To go track or not to go track... There really is no question... ;)
  13. Just looked at the ridetek website . " did I read that right .

    People can get there license one day and then do a track day the next .. It's a 2 day package ... Holy shit that sounds like fun "" for the paramedics

    mmm ok the two days are not consecutive and it looks different from the advertised tack day ... Luck that :)