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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Devery, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm wanting to get a nice finish on my engine (81 yamaha sr250) and I'm thinking of investing in some sandblasting equipment. I'm wondering if it is possible to have the complete engine in a booth and sandblast it, or is it something you can only do when the engine is being rebuilt?

    If you have any tips on buying sandblasting equipment I'd love to hear them also. Thank you!


  2. On sandblasting the assembled engine; I'd be a bit nervous but it can probably be done if you are careful when blanking off all the holes. Maybe soda blasting would be better so that it would dissolve into the oil if the worst did happen. A few quick oil changes might get you out of trouble, whereas sand in the engine is probably a surer way to end up walking.

    I think the biggest hurdle for blasting equipment is the compressor. The biggest ones you can use with standard household wiring (ie: ones without 3 phase motors) are just barely adequate, although for occasional use I suppose you can cope with the inconvenience of waiting for the tank to fill.

    As an alternative, I've heard very good things about these brushes: http://www.machinerycleanery.com/
    Pricey, but cheaper than a blasting cabinet and compressor! I think you could make them yourself easily enough, if you knew a good source of nylon/ss wire.
  3. Hey thanks roh.

    I thought that would be the problem... I'm after the crisp matt look of the sandblasted alluminium, would soda blasting get this?

    I might paint some parts and polish the covers... But if I can manage to get it blasted somehow that would be great. I'll have to think about it! Maybe I should rebuild the engine (get it rebuilt) and do it then... But I don't see a reason for it right now.

    With the air compressor... I know nothing about them, but I guessed you'd just have to deal with it filling up. But if it wasn't adequate, then not worth it I supose... I'd use it for lots of jobs too though.

    Thanks for your help again.
  4. Not really sure sorry, I've never done it or seen anything that I've been told was soda blasted. I'd imagine it would give a similar finish though.

    I think that's what I'm going to do - I have to replace some leaking gaskets sooner or later (will put it off 'till next winter), and will probably splash out on new rings, pistons, valve seals and some sort of blasting whilst it's open.

    Yes, a very handy thing - use it a lot at work and air-fed tools are so much nicer to use that their retail cordless equivalents. Not to mention painting, cleaning etc.

    No worries. Hope someone with more experience of home set-ups replies though - I've only used it at uni/work.
  5. dont sandblast an engine you are just asking for pain,a couple of stray beads and its a world of hurt for your bearings.
    2nd of all, aluminium u need glass beads. They leave a textured matt effect, yet dont know how it weathers as i always powder coat/paint/polish my bits.
    3rd Try soda blasting maybe with a gravity fed blasting gun (less air required)

    Ive got a large 3 phase compressor and it has trouble keeping up 90psi for when im sand blasting.
    Would take a good day to do it with a small one.