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Sanchez V's Penn whos watching?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Not sure if any of you are into MMA here but for those who are...
    UFC 107 this sunday 2 pm...

    I hope Deigo wins, either way it will be an awesome fight!
    Havent been this excited about a fight in ages :demon:

  2. I like em both, Sanchez is one explosive warrior but Penn has some of the best bjj i've seen. If I had to put money on it i'd say Penn ftw but this one could go to the distance and is most likely going to be a war fought on the ground.

    Anybody see the finale of The Ultimate Fighter 10? Awesomeness would be an understatement although I was a bit dissapointed in the fight between Big Baby and Matt Mittrione. Mittrione was an absolute douchebag in the house and really deserved his loss to McSweeney. I think Markus Jones really needs to work on his stand-up, his boxing has been terrible every time i've seen it although his ground game is pretty damn good. He will get there, just gotta work on those hands and that chin.

    On a lighter note, was impressed with Kimbo's latest performance. Despite his knee-arthritis he managed to dominate Houston Alexander, a man who is known to have some serious knock out power.
  3. I agree! tough fight, Penn is a very classy fighter who has only been beaten twice i believe?

    Havent seen season 10 yet but my mate has it all on DVD so i will hopefully get to watch it soon, fully addicted, i can watch hours of it in one sitting, my eldest daughter loves its too..Its a mother daughter bonding session :rofl:

    Who do u like for the Mir v Kongo fight?
  4. Penn has 5 losses 14 wins and 1 draw

    Sanchez has 21 wins and 2 losses

    However, Penn when he has been beaten he took it from the best of em. He picked up some very hard fights very early in his UFC career.

    Omg pick up season 10! How old is your daughter? Old enough to train yet?

    As for the Mir V Kongo, I like Mir because he's a smart man and a brilliant bjj fighter but Cheick Kongo is a very dangerous striker. I think Mir has the advantage on technicality however he's not immune to knock outs so if Kongo can defend the take downs he will do very well for himself. I don't see Mir beating Kongo in a stand up bout.
  5. Everyone has their money on Penn but i like Sanchez for this fight....Im sticking with him, but thats easy for me as i dont gamble so its just my bragging rights that get knocked about if he loses lol.

    Mir V Kongo ..I think Mir will do it easily but i dont like Mir hes a cocky bastard so id love to see Kongo KO him...

    My eldest is 14...The husband teaches her Eskrima ;)
  6. :LOL: Yeh I usually just want bragging rights anyway. It's too hard to call fights in MMA because its so difficult for one fighter to dominate. I'm even tenative on calling Fedor as the winner whenever he fights entirely based on who he goes up against.

    Its a shame we don't have more Netriders interested in MMA, it needs more of a following in Australia. IMO one of the greatest growing sports on the planet.
  7. True that!
    Thats what i love about MMA, the level of difficulty picking a fight, and the great match ups... anything can happen....even the best of the best can find themselves in a submission...Game over.
    I have mates trying to get me some gold tickets for the syd event next year..If i miss out im sure ill have a massive tantie :tantrum:

    As for Fedor....Ill rate him when he fights Lesnar :rofl:
  8. Yeh tix on sale today!!!! Yewww!! If the fam wants to cheap it while you're up in Syd we can probably chuck a mattress down for the weekend for some fellow fight fans.

    As for Fedor V Lesnar, can't see it happening. Lesnar's contract doesn't let him fight outside of the UFC and Fedor won't sign on with UFC because he won't be able to fight outside the UFC. I reckon he should end his career a legend and not fight on till he gets taken out.

  9. I enjoyed it, I hoped roy would win all allong.

    oh and for the next UFC im not really interested in the sanchez penn fight as much as the congo mir fight. I want to see congo puch the goatie of mirs chin

    I was dissapointed though between eppisode 11 (last 2 quater finals)and episode 12 (finals), what happened to the semi-final fights? ](*,)

    Oh well, was an ok series, but i still reckon they need 2 fights an eppisode.
  10. That very charitable of ya =D> Wont be bringing the family tho, will be just me and the hubby or if he has to go away training it will be just me and a mate..
    You attending the event?

    I think Dana Whites monopoly is bit annoying at times but thats the way the cookie crumbles... I agree Fedor should retire whilst on top ...
    As much as i wanted to see the 3rd Couture liddell fight I felt bad for Randy and really wished he had retired whilst he was on top...Love Couture!! he will always be a legend as will fedor.
  11. Yup but could only get bronze tickets cause i bought late in the day :( I used to work for the security company that's doing the event so if i'm lucky i might run into an old mate from work and get lucky enough to go into a better section. Two shouldn't be a problem to hold up, man i'm bloody excited about the fights!!! :D

    Couture is a champ! He's such a down to earth bloke. Doesn't talk trash like most people.
  12. WHAT!!! their down to bronze already???? The way people were talking i was under the impression that the arena would be left half empty ( due to the lack of following over here)

    Id better start pulling some strings quick sticks....
  13. yes hurry!!! I gotta sit by myself cause there were no adjacent seats. Might be able to pick up some gold tickets for inflated prices though

    btw hot avatar!!! I like it :)
  14. I can't wait its going to be good!
  15. I enjoy watching it when I come it across on the box, but I don't follow it closely enough to consider myself a fan.

    I don't know all of the players so I have no idea who Sanchez or Penn is, I'll just watch (and enjoy) whomever is fighting. There has been one or two disappointing matchups but they're few and far between.

    Back in his day, watching Kostya Tzu in full flight was a pretty amazing spectacle. An explosive little bastard that when he got that look in his eye that the fight was about to come to an end, you could set your watch to it.

    He did everything right in his career and retired at the right time. Although he probably shouldn't have done 'dancing with the stars', or rather he should of made it full contact which would make it more interesting...heh heh.

    So it's been great to find the UFC which has filled the hole that he left behind. Although I find myself staying up later than i mean to, can't seem to switch it off once I've started watching. It would be good if HD1 would put the interesting sports on earlier, and leave the boring shit for bedtime so I can fall asleep. :LOL:
  16. Im gutted...Nothing but crap seats left :(
    Im pinning my hopes on all the smart people who did what i did with the ACDC tickets ( bought up large and then hope to sell at a profit later)
    Im not admitting defeat yet... like Charlie and his Gold chocolate factory ticket....Ill find me a ticket, I will i will!!!

    * so if any one spots any half decent tickets for sale let me know ;)

    Re my Avatar...Thanks :) yeah needed something that reflected my personality better ;)

    Hey Chef... I dont have pay tv so i watch the dvd sets instead... Grab season one and have a look, you will meet Sanchez and see some guys on there who were nobodies at the time..some are pretty big names now.
  17. I'm not an enthusiast by any means, but these 'octagon' bouts are shown regulalry on ONE TV (free-to-air), TEN's Hi-Def sports channel and it's pretty amazing stuff. The other night they showed the heavy-weight champ bout between Leznar and Couture; incredible stuff :shock:.
  18. Hey what time are they usually on free to air? I might give them a geez, Couture and Lesnar fight was devastating to watch. I still want to see Lesnar battle tested further.

    and cheffie don't stress, it'll grow on ya! Get into a gym too! We need more aussie fighters too!
  19. K1 is where it's at kids.
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