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San Marino MotoGP. 22:50 on Ch 10 tonight (Sun 2nd)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Great end to father's day :)

  2. hell yer. coffe up and power through :)
  3. [​IMG]

    motogp website has good stuff to say about Vermuelen.

    !! Casey and Rossi are on the front row!

    Looking forward to the race :)
  4. thats it.... mechanical failure i'm out... i hope someone chases down stoner for a tight finish!

    it would be nice for an auzzie 1-2 ......
  5. And that it was my friend! Stoner and Vermuelen 1&2!! What an awesome weekend!!
  6. go stoner, what a champ. and the best wheelie goes to hopkins...
  7. go aussie go
    nice job by vermeulen as well
  8. Why would yamaha sabotage themselves with a new donk? Congrats to Stoner and Vermulen, and Hopkins for the hottest wheelie.
  9. best continuous wheelie goes to ant west, the kwaka just couldnt get the power down while keeping the front planted.....poor kwaka :LOL:
    cant say honda did any better, but the bratt went orright through the moto-x section :LOL:

    who's gonna stop stoner?? :woot:
  10. Man he's unstoppable. Even Rossi must be looking towards 08 now.
  11. If Stoner pulls at least 15 points on Rossi next race, then it's all over. That can happen as easily as Stoner coming first, and Rossi coming sixth (or worse).
  12. Which will all be a bit sad for when PI Comes around, and we already know the outcome of the season before the race starts.