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News Samsung Unveils ‘Smart Windshield’ to Keep Riders’ Eye Ahead

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Many new generation ‘smart helmets’ with heads up displays are in the pipeline, promising to deliver information directly in the rider’s eyesight. The criticism of this though is that it could lead to distraction – and many riders flat out refuse to even consider something that will impinge on their view of the road. Samsung’s new ‘Smart Windshield’ prototype might be a perfect compromise.

    The prototype device sits at the bottom of the windshield – positioned higher up than the bike’s dash, but well below your general line of sight, meaning that you’ll still have to glance down slightly to see the information, but it should still mean you can keep most of your vision straight ahead on the road.

    The device is designed to be used in conjunction with a dedicated smartphone app and would display navigation as well as messaging notifications and incoming calls. As part of the app, if you’re connected and riding it can be designed to automatically reply with a text message saying you’re on the move and can’t respond.

    Samsung partnered with Edo Mossi, a rally and motorcross rider, and YouTuber Matteo Bruno, aka Cane Secco, to develop the system as part of its global “Launching People, Mixed Talents” campaign. Yamaha provided the Tricity 125 scooter to be fitted with the device.

    “We are extremely proud to support the Smart Windshield project and do it with the scooter that Yamaha best marries the goals of this initiative: Tricity,” says Andrea Colombi, manager of Yamaha Motor Europe’s Italian branch. “The result of this collaboration sees the smart technologies applied to the new mobility for security, management fully in line with Yamaha’s vision which aims to create products developed to surpass the expectations of the people and to meet their different needs, so as to become an integral part of their way of life.”


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