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Samsung Mobile Phones

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    I am in the market for a new phone and really like the new samsung phones. The only trouble is i have stumbled across 3 models i really like and cannot for the life of me decide which one i would prefer. The 3 models i have my eye on are the E370, D600 and D820. Now the 3 of them are relatively similar, however, the E370 is the most basic of them all.

    Now the E370 is very similar to the D600, however, it only has a 1.3MP camera (not a feature i really care about) and has non expandable memory (40mb onboard). Other then that it is basically a Smaller version on the D600 with the new bluetooth version (2.0 instead of 1.1).

    Then there is the D820 which is kinda of a cross between the E370 and D600 only it is a differnt design (flat rather then ovalish). It is similar in design to the Motorola Razor series but it is a slide design and not flip. It too only has a 1.3MP camera, however, it has expandle memory and afew extra features over the E370.

    Hmm anyway, the point i'm getting at is.....has anyone used any of these phones??? If so i would appreciate your feedback on the everyday functionality of them and what you love or hate about them. Below are the links to each phone of the Samsung Website.


    Josh =0)
  2. I too looked at them but decided to get another Nokia :roll: instead.

    From what I could make out, if its a simple phone that you want, grab the E370.

    I read a tonne of reviews and all of them stated that the 820 is not really worth upgrading the 600 for. Some reviews actually stated that the 600 was a better phone.

    I know reviews are reviews and some are just paid comments but I searched the web high and low and read heaps and heaps of reviews.
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  4. Have had a Samgsung D600 as a "weekend" phone for about four months and end up using it a few days of the week if I don't need the PDA phone.

    I love it; fantastic screen, takes great pictures and movies (which you can show on your TV) and good battery life.

    Only negative is that I bought is as a MP3 player as well and the maximum songs that can be loaded is four albums of 30 songs each - so my 1GB miniSD card has a bit of space for pics and movies
  5. If you can wait, Josh, there's an absolute killer phone coming out from Samsung in a couple of months, the X820, claimed to be the world's thinnest phone. And since the Big Korean changed over to Nokia keyboard conventions and added bluetooth, after holding out for a long time, there's no reason not to buy.
  6. :shock: Looks good Paul!!! Any idea on the RRP on the phone if i was to purchase it outright??
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