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Sam's new VFR800

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Samboss260, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. #1 Samboss260, Mar 11, 2013
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    This weekend saw lots of driving, not much sleep, but I finally took possession of my new toy… Gracie II. We set off Friday night, for the 12 hour drive down to inspect and test ride the bike. After handing over the money, we loaded her up on the trailer and drive half way back before stopping for the night to get some sleep. Up at 4am next morning for the remaining 6 hour drive back home. So in 36 hours, we drove for 24 of them. But it was all worth it.

    Now more about the bike. 1998 VFR800, in pretty good nick. Staintune high-mounted exhaust, which is very loud, and everything else is original and in good nick. I do have a few plans to personalise her, including ;

    Honda Tank Pad (off ST1300)
    New Custom seat, maybe a 2 piece like the Sargent
    Set of Helibars to raise the bar height

    Try and rework rear cowl to fit the grab bars/rails at the same time
    New mirrors, probably more down the track, to get rid of those rubber condom covers
    Full review and replace whatever needs of the electrics system such as R/R

    Install a Honda Marine Voltmeter gauge to monitor above problem
    Then detail and polish, ready for riding in just over 2 months

    Anyway, here are some pictures…

    At the bike shop


    What was looking at me for the next 12 hours...

    And finally home...

    Now the fun bnegins with sourcing all the bits and pieces that I need and work on her over the next two months. I can't wait !
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  2. #2 hornet, Mar 11, 2013
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    You should be able to buy a new baffle for the Staintune from the comapny, right here in the beautiful Southern Highlands.

    All other 'loud-pipes-save-lives' rubbish to the contrary, the Staintune sounds better WITH the baffle.....

    I just talked to Colin at Staintune, a brand new baffle is $35.00 inc gst, plus $10.00 postage...
  3. Thanks Hornet, can you PM me the details for this Colin dude. I want to grab this baffle.
  4. Congrats Sam! Can't wait to meet the new bike when you get your opens =D
  5. oh you WILL enjoy it; nothing beats punting a big grunty V4 along for 600kms in a day and getting off knowing the bike's done all the work
  6. I wouldn't bother with a volt meter. Just check out the R/R to see if it's one of the potentially problem ones, then if you want, replace it with one of the ones that are sorted (aftermarket, R1 etc).

    Once that's done there's nothing too shabby about the rest of the Honda electrics, and the odds of the issue arising are very slim, aside from what else a check-up might reveal on a bike of that age.

    A volt meter is a somewhat popular accessory with some Yank VFR owners, but fairly pointless if you've swapped in a good part, but then a lot of those guys Stateside tend to like bolting as much crap as they can find to their bikes.
  7. So I can just call and ask for him direct? Cool. Will call him tomorrow.
  8. Congrats on the purchase of a nice little angry bird! :)

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  9. #10 Samboss260, Apr 2, 2013
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    Well, here are the pics of the almost finished mini-project.

    So what was done was;
    - removed all fairings and cleaned entire bike and washed inside and out of fairings. This included scrubbing and cleaning of wheel arches, front and rear, headers, pipes... everything.
    - fluids and oil filter changed
    - went to replace air filter with a K&N one that I bought, but the current one was a K&N unit anyway! So just cleaned and oiled exisiting one
    - R/R and Stat thoroughly checked
    - Foot peg rubbers changed
    - Missing fairing bolts and those damned plastic "xmas" type clips replaced
    - remove old crappy tank pad and fit new "Honda" tank pad
    - seat sent off to upholsterer and customised
    - staintune baffle inserted
    - remove front windscreen and polished
    - helibars installed
    - voltmeter installed
    - bike put back together, polished and waxed
    - safety certificate done and bike registered
    - only bits to do are awaiting new mirrors, as those that arrived were wrong, and modify a second rear seat cowl which I sourced to see if the grab handles can be incorporated

    And here are the pics.....










    And my two "girls" ...

    Sorry about all the pics, but I am absolutely stoked at how the bike has turned out. Now can't wait to ride her !!
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  10. LOVE the seat, how much did that job set you back, and who did it?
  11. Seat was done by a John Moorehouse, up here in Brisbane. He is fantastic. Shaved 30mm off the overall seat height, and the seat is soooo comfy and it looks awesome.

    PM Sent about the price.
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  12. You are going to have to teach me how to detail. This thing looks new!:applause:

    I'm glad John worked out well. He knows his stuff.

    Roll on May?
  13. Peter, he was fantastic. The red piping and red stitching were my idea and he wasn't sure how they would work but said "leave it with me". And ket me tell you, he did not disappoint. Everybody comments on the seat, and it is as comfy as it looks. So thank you for the recommnedation.

    As for the detailing.... might have to be a "detail day" coming up to winter now. There were lots a rags used and lots of rubbing!

    And hell yes to bring on May... cannot wait to ride her and am hoping that she rides as good as she looks!

    We must catch up soon.
  14. Welcome to the VFR club; you won't be dissapointed. The bike looks really smick!.. You've done a fantastic job and must feel very satisfied
  15. Love the seat and tank pad looks great too! What did you replace the plastic clips with? I found some dodgy ones on mine and replaced with black nylon bolt and nut, now I have so many of them cos I bought a whole pack! :D
    How do you replace the rubber on the pegs? Can you get the rubber bits separate? Did the key chain come with the bike? Sorry so many questions, very excited for you!
    My favourite is your placement of the voltmeter, just awesome.
  16. I bought a pack of the plastic clips from Honda. They weren't too expensive, but am also told that you can get them from Supacheap.
    Rubber on the pegs were a separate part, that I again ordered from Honda.
    And key ring... eBay.
  17. Looks Great! You have gone the same progression I will be going. GPX250 > VFR800. Still a few months until my transition.