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Sample MOST course carparks - NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by firstBike, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    New to NR and just traded in my Suzuki GSX250 Across (which died) for a CBR125. Picking her up next week.

    Just wanted to create a topic that might become "Sticky" for all the L's out there like me looking for a pre chalked course to practise, practise and more practise on.

    Ive read that there is a chalked MOST course in P5 Olympic park carpark.

    Any one else know of any ??

    P.S Ill be heading out to the P5 course next weekend/during the week if anyone is keen.
  2. I know MOST is run at UWS Campbelltown and is marked out in a car park there. If you can get a time when there is no one there and there isn't a MOST day you can practice your heart out. That said its one of the busiest car parks and MOST is usually held on Saturdays there.

    I work and live reasonably close to Olympic park, if I get time over the next week I might check it out to see where it is in P5.

    Oh and welcome to NR!
  3. for the eastern suburbs, Price of Wales Drive - but it's closed at night

    it's up the end, between the last two speedbumps, painted in yellow
  4. p.m me mate i'll coem along as I live not far from there
  5. I was told by a Gosford bike shop that there is one near Kariong. Somewhere near the enterance to the freeway. Sorry cant be more specific but i have never gone there.
  6. Someone organise a time and date, and well make a day of it.

    We'll even bring our own chalk and some tape measure. Ive even got cones (dont be silly)


    It'l be fun
  7. A few weeks ago and my mates went to the huge empty parking lot at Tempe and put up the full obstacle course using cones. A few hours into the "training" and AFP car showed up and approached us. The coppers asked what we were doing, who was running it and whether we had approval from the council. They didn't really seem to be able to think of any laws against what we were doing, but did express their disapproval and hinted that we should get lost "just in case highway patrol shows up". Didn't seem like that much of a drama and we just kept going fow a while after they left, but it didn't really feel right after that, so we packed up and left. Good saturday ruined.

    The interesting thing is there were two bikes there and one car - the coppers said straight away they didn't mind the car practising there, but bikes were a no-no and they were especially unhappy with us using cones.

    I wonder if we'd get the same kind of treatment if we were at one of the the MOST lots...
  8. Go to the $2 shop and get a heap of tennis balls cut them in half, and use them for cones.

    Some of the platic cones that you can ride over ,the tyre might slip on them.
    Or use big witchs hats.
  9. ]

    none of their business unless you were dressed like Obama ben layden
  10. If its where i think it is, its only a stone throw away from sydney airports runways.

    But heaps of people do go there to watch the planes land in the arvo.

    Maybe cos its rockdale, i wouldnt mess around their n e way, with that damn EPA there.
  11. That is exactly right... However I can't see how we could cause any kind of disruption to the airport given that bikes can't fly and there's still a good few hundred metres to the runways :)

    Um... Pardon my ignorance... What's EPA (and why is it bad for motorcyclists)? :oops:
  12. EPA- Environmental protection authority.

    Repsi- It looks like I'm down the road from you (Lewisham). If you are heading out on sat let me know I will join you.
  13. Thanks Stubby_holder.

    I actually had a relatively embarrassing question about practising. I don't know who else to ask, so here goes...

    I've paid my dues as far as the RTA tests go, and I'm not really interested in the MOST elements anymore. There are, however, a couple of things that I'd really like to practise doing. Wheelies, stoppies and all the other silly stuff like that. Are there any places around Sydney where I'd be able to do that without risking my licence? I know I can't (and I don't) do that in public areas, but I'm really keen to learn and I don't know where to go. Obviously I'd rather not pay big bucks for it, although I wouldn't mind a small fee if it gets me onto a private bit of tarmac with no police around.
  14. Would love to do the MOST on a Segway :cool:
  15. given you only need a 50cm space or so to do a u-turn, it would work great! ;)

    I have cones suitable already at SOP, so if you want to borrow them, find me :)
  16. Looks like we have some good weather in Syd today. Ill try to get out of work early to pick up my bike.

    Will do a drive by P5 to see if the course is still there. If all is good ill post back and set a time so anyone that is interested can come along.
  17. It's still there, but the yellow paint is really faded on the road.. so look carefully. There's some huge concrete blocks you have to ride between to get to the long strip, and it stinks because of some sewer thing next to it :p
  18. So um... police cars can't get in there, right? :roll:
  19. correct! :grin: