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Same place, different to$$er!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by starlet, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Riding home from work a few weeks ago with Stealthassassin, one car is stopped at intersection (in five dock), so we realise not much point filtering to the front, so we sit behind the first car at the lights (convertable BMW). There were cars banked up at the next intersection and as soon as the light goes green this nut case does a burn out in front of us and then slams on the brakes (cause he has no where to go at the next set of lights).

    Stealthassassin filters past him, mind you dude in the car was stopped at this point so I try to zip past and he blocks me. Cars start moving and Stealthassassin is in front of him, the BMW starts swerving into Stealth and braking real hard, I got real scared and beeped at him (boy did he get angry at me). He drives for a bit and bam, hard on the brakes hoping I will run into him - we get to a set of lights and he opens the door one foot out and yells "What the f**k is your problem". I think to myself ‘you loser, what are you gonna do - hit me’ ...am sure my helmet will leave a nice bruise on your hand! :roll:

    Anyway, he speeds off and I thankfully head in a different direction.

    Yesterday afternoon, at the same place, Stealth and I zip past a guy in a stationary WRX and sit in front of him waiting for the light to turn green. It turns green and he overtakes me IN MY LANE!!! Tries to sit on Stealths a!se again!! Next set of lights, he's stopped and I zip past and kindly wave and gesture "thank you".

    Anyway, I know its been talked about before, just wanted to share this particular experience with you all.

  2. Ktulu, where is your quick-release tyre iron? when is it coming out?
  3. The wankers are everywhere. Just the other day here in Melbourne. In the city in my own lane at the lights, stupid bit*h just decides that I dont count and squeezes into my lane on my left. Her mirror ( ford territory)actually brushed my arm. Had to lean the bike on my right foot to avoid contact! :shock:

    You can imagine the ensuing conversation!
  4. If you have time to get the rego then next time report the car to the police for 'road rage'.
  5. What action would they take?
  6. This is why I wear big kevlar knuckled gloves and threaten to re-arrange their car/head with it. Its cos your young, L or P and have a small bike. Just look tuff on the bike and dont be afraid to take a mirror off or 2. Sounds harsh but often needed. watch the saftey nazis try and shoot me down. Oh yeh and remember if the situation calls for it dont forget to... :bolt:
  7. lol @ burnout. sorry, I found that kinda funny but the rest...he's still a wanker. Parra rd does get quite frustrating though, I had to do it yesterday in the cage and it seemed to take hours lol

    The poorest display I have witnessed on Parra rd was the other morning. I was splitting at the lights when the lights turned green, I just happened to be next to a dump truck who I would have zipped passed but instead when the lights changed and he started rolling he immediately turned his wheels in my direction to block and force me back behind the car beside him. I'm sure he was completely oblivious to the real risk of me being crushed between his slow ass and the car when performing his selfish act :shock: what is with people??!!??
  8. report them to EPA saying they through rubbish out the window :wink: $200 fine for that based on anothers word.
  9. Well that depends upon the police officer, and how busy the station is.

    When I did it they followed up and spoke to the person (hopefully getting the message through that this sort of behaviour isn't a good idea).

    Are you looking for charges? I wouldn't be expecting that...
  10. LOL I wanted to rip his head off!

    I like the idea of reporting him to the EPA...

    ZRX1200R, I will have to be sure to remember number plates next time (not sure if Stealth did) I was quiet shaken by it and didn't think of that. Especially when he was speeding up then slamming the brakes, I backed off a little cause I really didn't want to run into him.
  11. You can always hold up a mobile phone (whether it has a camera in it or not) and snap away...........
  12. Great idea!

    I heard a story, years ago, about an old guy who was sick of people speeding in his street. So, he bought a blue dress shirt, then stood out on his footpath and pointed a HAIRDRYER at motorists as they came up the street. Everyone one of 'em slowed down, thinking it was a cop with a speed gun. :grin:
  13. Obviously the guy's a nobjockey :jerk:, but you'd have been better off just letting him be a nobjockey all by himself until you had a clear run past.
  14. Your kidding right...you should try some kevlar knuckles on your noggin' so we can call you "Knucklehead". :roll:

    Really....Saw a guy do it once....instead of the mirror breaking it reefed his arm around, throwing him off balance, which caused him to turn into the car beside him, and go down like a pile of crap between the car and a truck beside him...lucky he was'nt run over by the truck!

    He looked like a much bigger tosser than anyone else, and the driver had his ar*e for breakfast, when he got out of the car!
  15. We live on a bad corner, people always do burnouts and speed around the corner. We take our video camera out to film the kids, and people think we are filming the corner. It slows them down in a hurry too. We have a hoon hotline number with our council, and I ring them almost every week :( Its sad that there are so many w**kers out there :(
  16. The thing was we did have a clear run past him, the to$$er had been caught up at the lights when we filtered past him, he was at a complete stop. Then traffic started to move and i was in front of him, so he thought it might be cool to see how fast he could drive to get as close as possible to my back tyre!! Would have been a safe situation if it was any sane person.
  17. Shortage!

    My experience is that there is a severe shortage of sane people on the road. So many people are self focussed that they think the rest of the world ends at the edge of the car!

    Suppose thats one of the reasons I have a bigger bike, more likely to be seen - does restrict some lane filtering though!
  18. if that was me... would of filter in frount of him drop a nice big burn out and watch the rubber fly into his convertable.....
    then smile and give him a wave... only fair to return the favour
  19. Well, when drivers get aggressive, we're at a massive disadvantage in terms of injury risk. So...depending on the conditions, and which bike I'm on, I'll either just hang back and laugh at them, or piss off very quickly, and laugh at them :LOL:
  20. :rofl:

    A nice big burnout on a CBR125 :LOL: