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Same mistake twice

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AD-HUI, May 27, 2014.

  1. It started out on the 2/7/2013. Just about a month after I picked up my bike and got my license. Just heading to the shops I had a real scare (see video). After that incident, I could never really figure out the mistake I made. I evaluated and concluded that I must have slid on the zebra crossing painted line.

    After several months of riding, on the 20/11/2013. I had to pass that same area again, this time not so lucky. I tried to avoid the same mistake and waited till I was well clear of the painted line and then turned in. Went down without notice and slid down the road (uphill, see attached pictures). The bike did take a hit. Mirrors, rear brake were bent and broken. Exhaust was slightly scuffed and bar ends were scratched. (Was really lucky that no fairing was damaged).



    Weeks after, I managed to figure out the "cause of the accident".

    Anyone care to guess?
  2. Diesel spill?
  3. Change in Tarmac?
  4. heroin intake?
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  5. Crap setup and line
  6. overbalanced due to camera attached to head?
  7. 5 posts and no ones said left glove first? You all suck.
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  8. Netrider Rule #1: never expect a serious answer to a serious question!
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  9. Oh, was it a serious question ? Ya fell off, do I get a prize ?
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  10. I was being serious.
  11. Too much horse power?

    Knee dragged for too long?

    No, wait. You put the wrong glove on first?
  12. you forgot to introduce your sister to uncle greg?
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  13. The anticipation is way too much for me. I need some port to calm my nerves. Where's blabbs?
  14. He forgot to nod.
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  15. If it's anything like his thread, OP got distracted
  16. Correct
  17. = not paying attention?
  18. When it changes to the dark bits it drops to a off camber + that small bump in the surface change and it was enough to throw the rear tyre out of balance on a saussage roll of a tyre of the 250.. =D

    Pretty silly of me to ask a question on NR and expect 100% genuine answers. hahaha
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  19. There's your real problem running sausage roles for rear tyres
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