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Same city motorbike transport

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by d e d, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. NR's,
    Am needing to get my unregistered bike to a shop down the road (~10km) for new tyres, RWC, etc.
    I remember reading a thread or two on here about at least one bloke who has a van and does same city transport...mad mike or sth like that.
    Can anyone recommend anyone who can transport a bike to, from local mechanic and possibly to a VicRoads office for initial registration?
    Or perhaps other options I haven't considered (no mates have utes in the city).


    (I've checked briefly online and most of the search results are large interstate companies, I'm more looking for the smaller businesses etc but couldn't find any).

  2. You could google Kmentors (run by aussieak, a NR). Otherwise Streetmaster (another NR). Both offer local transport in Melbourne. Streetmaster is also a motorcycle mechanic.

    Both have Facebook pages, or you can PM them.
  3. Is the bike ride-able? If so, how about an un-registered vehicle permit? Surely that would be a lot cheaper and easier.

    If its not ride-able to the mechanic, then it would at least help you from the mechanic to vicroads.
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  4. Bruce (MMMTS) will do transport and also give you a good price on tyres.
  5. Great thank you, I will look them up!

    It could possibly be ride-able, but I'm still on my L's which means I cannot ride a motorbike with an unregistered vehicle permit. :-(

    Beautiful, I'll also get in touch with Bruce.

    Thanks guys!