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Samaritans of the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Weekend before last I did a run up the Putty; I left reasonably early and had already had a cuppa at Grey Gum and was heading through the Ten Mile at around 10:00 ish when my chain decided to part company with the bike.

    No phone reception, stinking hot day. Four nice young blokes pulled up, they had no phone reception either, so I told them to head off, and I'd think of something.

    Just then an older gentleman pulled up on a BMW and told the boys that one of their mates had had an 'off' just back a bit, so they headed back to see how he was. The gent on the BMW pillioned me to Bulga; really nice of him, especially as he refrained from commenting, as he could have, on his not having to worry about chains!

    I rang Kim at Grey Gum to see if she knew someone who could help me out, 40 seconds later Peter of 'Here and There Motorcycle Movers' rang! He said he'd be about two hours, so I stayed at Bulga and shot the breeze with Marty (UDLOSE), his girlfriend, and the others.

    When they left he kindly offered to pillion me back to the bike on the back of the R1. I trust his riding totally, but I declined the offer; I'm sure he enjoyed the ride back much more than he would have with my 90kg on the pillion perch.

    People don't pick up hitch-hikers much these days, and with the sun getting hotter and the scant shadow of a lone telegraph pole doing little to shade my skin, I was getting desperate when four other bikes and a Hi-Lux heading south pulled up. The five people had been north for a party on Saturday night and were heading home. In no time I was in the front seat of the Hi-Lux and Chris even turned up the air-con a notch!!

    I met Peter at the bike, we loaded it up and he drove me and it to Wilberforce where I met my brother with my car and a trailer and we got it and the bike and us home by 9:30pm.

    It's been said here hundreds of times, but I'll say it again; for all the things that divide us, the fellowship of the road binds us riders together. My thanks to the latest of many Samaritans of the Road that I have had the pleasure to meet.
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  2. Sad to say Hornet it is getting less common for people to stop especially in the city but I too have had incredible kindness from strangers when the bike had stopped. Last year on my way back from Adelaide on the boring Dukes hwy I blew a back tyre, unrepairable with the puncture kit I coasted to a wobbly stop in a small 2 house town out of Tailem Bend.

    A local couple fed me, gave me a bed for the night in a caravan and trailered the bike back to Murray Bridge for me the next day to get a replacement tyre. People can be incredibly generous of spirit if given the opportunity.
  3. i find out my way bikers will stop for other bikers and bikers will stop for cagers but cagers will not return the favor i know i stop a few time's for cagers and bikers alike
  4. If I see a biker on the side of the road I will always stop and make sure they are alright.

    I'm not mechanical minded and have no mechanical skills, but I can offer a lift or to get petrol if needed.
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  5. Peter from Here and There is a decent guy, he's shifted a couple of bikes for me in the past.
  6. .......... and i agree, bikers should always look out for one another on the side of the road. Even if it means slowing down and putting your thumb up to see if they're okay on your way past. You'll get waved on 9/10 times, but that 1/10 could make someone's day who's really on a downer!
  7. i would always stop for anyone on the side of the road with a broken bike. i think i only stopped once for a broken down car when riding bye, but i think that was more due to a young lady driver wearing a low cut top
  8. i have pulled over to find out the guy broken down was my local mechanic was a very funny day that one
  9. I try to pull over in the cage when I can, regardless of whether it's a car or bike, but I have to admit I haven't been able to more than once or twice. I'm rarely in the closest lane for it and doing $1.10 on the freeway it's hard to stop in time. I hope my well wishes keep them warm in the night haha
  10. It's good to see there's still some humans out there that care enough to help.. I was beginning to wonder.. (y)