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Salvation Army's response to toyrun comments.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Dear Vic -
    I have been asked by John Dalziel, Communications Director of The Salvation Army, to write in regards to questions and concerns expressed by some of the members of the Netrider discussion forum. Please feel free to share this with members of the forum.
    The Salvation Army is grateful to the organisers of all the many different Toy Runs across Australia who support our annual Christmas Appeal. The tens of thousands of toys, non-perishable foods and other gifts we receive each year from the Toy Runs are distributed by our network of Family Support Services and Salvation Army Officers, who give them to people who otherwise would not be able to provide a Christmas for their families. As one person told us:
        "The Salvation Army has been brilliant ... It meant last year was a better Christmas than I'd hoped. The kids are at an age where they love Christmas and I couldn't bear to see them suffer..."
    We acknowledge the support of the many different motorcycle toy runs to enable us to provide this help through donations of new toys, stuffed animals, games, books and non-perishable foods. Even with this support, The Salvation Army must still spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to purchase food and gifts for people in need at Christmas. We cannot envision our staff sending any toy donations to the landfill. Any donated toys that appear to be second-hand cannot be given to the families we support, and would be provided instead to our Family Stores to sell and generate money to assist families in need.
    One of our staff members told us about a mother who was going without so she could give to her children:
        "We've recently assisted a mother stricken with cancer, who has been going without her medication in order to provide necessities for her young children. We had to tell her that her life is important because of her children, and we've been able to assist so she can continue her medication."
    The Salvation Army provides assistance to all people without reference to religion, beliefs, nationality, sexuality, ability or judgement of behaviour. We give to people according to their needs and the availability of our limited resources. Our philosophy is that we can best express our love for God by compassionately reaching out to help people.
    With best wishes for the holidays -
    Michael Bouy
    Internet Communications Coordinator
    The Salvation Army Public Relations Department
    Australia Southern Territory
    Locked Bag 3020
    Level 2, 26-28 Prospect Street
    Box Hill VIC 3128
    Tel:   (03) 9895 6207
    Fax:  (03) 9899 2340
    Email: [email]Michael.Bouy@aus.salvationarmy.org[/email]

  2. salvation armys response to toy run comments

    What can i say here?Well i can start by saying "hooray" for the salvos,
    The monies that is generated through the sale of second hand items in their family stores(i dont believe they would throw anything away to land fill) goes toward many things other than at xmas time.
    Having been there myself i needed money to put a roof over our heads,
    the salvos gave me $350.00 in a cheq' for 2 weeks rent ,food vouchers and surprise surprise come xmas time a knock on the door and guess what! a xmas hamper filled with food, clothing and toys.
    As the slogan goes "Thank god for the salvos" thats it.......Have a good xmas everyone :D
  3. I've got a huge amount of time for the Salvos, because they're working at the pointy end of things. More power to 'em.

    And they've got great bands!
  4. Think they should actually define "Appear" as alot of brand new toys from the runs end up going through there shops.
  5. So I take it that you have emailed them that question and you will post their response to it as soon as you get it?
    Or are you hoping that they will magically answer your concerns?
  6. As a kid we used to be collectors for the door knock appeal .
    they do a good job supporting people in need
    but last year i had some furniture to donate , so i rang them , they came out with the truck
    the lounge had a small cigeratte burn on one of the cushions and the table had a slight scratch in it .(a sand with some sand paper and coat of laquer and you could have sold it as new.)
    they refused to take them .
    i said to the bloke if it is going to some one who hasnt got anything i am sure they could care less about a tiny scratch .
    they said , because we are a charity we get so many offers we can pick and choose as we like , if you dont like it give it to st vincents depaul.
    he told me they want the furniture to sell not to give to people , as there is no money in giving stuff away.

    i rang st vincents depaul and told them what i had and they came out and had a look and they thanked me for donateing to them, because they didnt have a truck to pick it up , i went and hired a trailer and delivered it to them .
    i asked the ladie there where will it go , she told me that they had a ladie who has taken her kids and fleed her partner and is set up in emergancy accom and had nothing and they would get it too her asap .
    she rang the family and we delivered to them an hour later.

    since that day i have allways donated to st vincent depaul and have a very dim view of the salvo's because of it.
    (I know they help people but thats my feeling about it)

  7. that's really strange. I was actually at a salvos store (Mulgrave) yesterday and all the furniture they had there was rubbish. once I saw a really nice leather couch, but all the rest I've seen are worn/ripped/saggy.
  8. I concur. A couple of years ago, I rang them to collect a double bed matress. They came out during the day, but left it. I rang them to ask why, they said it was because it had an approximately 10cm fray'ing of the material on the underside corner. Pffft!!!! As Glen says, it would have been fine for someone truly in need and if I was in need I wouldn't have cared at all about some fray'ing on the underside corner. Anyways, I have never donated to the Salvo's since that day.
  9. Starting to sound like the Salvos picking and choosing days are numbered if they are alienating their donors.

    If these guys are so picky, what is the prefered donation for the Toyrun? Box of tinned food, stuffed toy, hard toy? What is the preference and/or will give the most benefit?
  10. I was told they didn't accept mattresses anymore, for hygiene reasons, cause they can't be readily cleaned...