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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OFI-NT, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. ... from the Topend. I've been riding for 45 years though I am currently bike less ATM. I am hoping this site will help me rectify this shortfall as I am looking for a very particular bike, though not really sure how much time I have to find it. I am in the process of selling my second car to fund this even though I only bought it November 2012 as part of my Bucket list .... long story. As you can no doubtly guess I am retired now, former Paramedic / Defensive Driving Instructor. A couple of quick questions - is there a FAQ, do you have a section for touring stories and finally how do you get your photos so small.

    Cheers OFI-NT :riding:
  2. What bike ? I am having a clear out at the moment .
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    1985 / 86 VF1000F11 F/G - colour doesn't matter but it must be mechanically A1. I had the first Red F11F in the NT and possibly Australia but sold it when the kids started arriving, not tooo much to ask I don't think!

    Justus, thank-you very much, just what I was after.

    Cheers OFI-NT
  4. Is that a Honda ?
  5. Apologies, yes mate it is a Honda. The Ex and I had some great times on it. Traded up from a VF500 to it. One day we went from Alice Springs to Tennant Creek (TFC) for a milkshake then returned home to the Alice - 1030km round trip.

    Cheers OFI-NT
  6. Humpty Doo was my favourite run.(from the top end )
    Coming home was another matter.
    But that was the 70's, times have moved on.
  7. Humpty doo? From where?? It's all straight road highways from pretty much everywhere

    OFI-NT. sorry mate, should have said hi first before I jacked your thread. I'm a Local lad, Grown up in Darwin, and recently moved out to palmy. Check out darwinstreetbikes.com.au as well, if you want to meet some lads to hang out with and ride. Also just to talk siht sometimes. Tell em Greeny sent you
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    Cheers and thanks Greeny, bit of a blow in myself. Drove in in 1978 and came back to live in 1980. 12 months in Darwin, 12 months in Jabiru, 12 months in Darwin, 3 years in alice and the rest of the time here in Darwin. It has been good to me!
  9. welcome and enjoy :) and good luck with your search
  10. Welcome from another local mate, actually a few of us here, as well as on Darwin Street Bikes and also a couple of us are Ulyssians!(y)
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  11. Welcome to NR. :)

    Hope you find your bike.