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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Wolf, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hi Forum,
    Been here a couple of times, even posted a few other things.
    But for the life of me, i cannot remember introducing myself. How rude!
    Anyways, here on the East coast of OZ (Brissie most days) and end of last year i got my dream bike (although no the city X version) for a song.
    2010 Buell XB12SS Lightning (hopefully soon to be a custom version).
    In the Kick Ash colour, but will be changing that asap.
    Still a newb rider, but we all have to start somewhere.... i'm just counting my patience and blessing.
    See you out there good people.

  2. Welcome in mate, theres a few Buell riders here, enjoy the site
  3. Thanks Goz.
    Question: Why does it say "banned user" for you? :-s
  4. dont know mate, mods dont like me :D
  5. Wolf - Are you the same wolf from BRC?

    Goz - it's not just the mods that don't like you :p
  6. sal·u·ta·tion (sāl'yə-tā'shən)
    n. 1.
    a.A polite expression of greeting or goodwill.

    b.salutations Greetings indicating respect and affection; regards.

    2.A gesture of greeting, such as a bow or kiss.

    3.A word or phrase of greeting used to begin a letter or message.


    Thanks for the kiss!! Welcome to NR - see ya around :D

  7. im happy to be a thorn bud :)
  8. Welcome to Netrider Wolf. You will learn much here on the forums - Enjoy !
  9. Geeth: BRC?...sorry, probably not, but then...what's BRC stand for?

    lowercase: your welcome, and see you then.

    WOLF (y)
  10. Welcome Wolf!