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'Salt of the Earth' Pretension?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mattb, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. I grew up in paddocks and small towns in the Mallee, we were on the poor end of the scale, with a self-employed handyman for a Dad, mechanics, farmers and the like for uncles, and basically in that country 'working-class' enviroment.

    I'd never heard of a 'chippie', 'sparkie', 'fiery' until recent years, in the city, and while you might speak of your "mate", you didn't use it to address every bloody person you met.

    And yet, whether it's among some counsellors I know, talented students of philosophy from middle-class backgrounds, or on some bike forums (though not on here, thankfully), it seems I'm hearing a lot of people vying to show their aussie down-to-earth venacular. Is this some cultural pretension we're witnessing at the moment, with people attempting desperately some salt-of-the-earth posture? Are you a more authentic person if you train yourself in ocker stryne?

    Discuss.... :)
  2. Kevin 07 is a bad influence, he loves using "mate" "fair suck of the sauce bottle"
  3. fair crack of the whip, is some country boy 'avin' a bloody sook?

    I generally call everyone mate. guys, girls, no discrimination here. I sometimes forget peoples names because I never have to refer to them by name, just mate.
  4. redneck much :D
  5. What an odd topic. I don't see anything wrong with people talking like that (or if they're in the city - it's not like it's country-only speak or something), and I don't think in any way that they are 'putting it on' or trying to speak like that or 'training' themselves to speak that way.

    Anyway, what's so wrong with it?
  6. what made u move to the big smoke matty MATE?
  7. Answer-your either takin the piss or a total ********---this is Australia ,this is our vernacular-Now take yourself off to Maccas and get a burger and never again question the long and proud blokey history of our great country.
    You want fries with this----goose.
  8. Maccas is hardly australian. LMAO
  9. That may well have been the point....
  10. yes. wow a thinker.
  11. I won't comment on bloody crap like this, I'm just a dum Fridgey. 8-[

    Cheers Mate

  12. Really? There was a point? I thought the point was that blabber wanted another post to swear in. My apologies.
  13. I'm an avid user of Mate and Love.

    When you're "Darled" at the fish and chip shop, you've got to come back with a "Love".

    You don't get that a Maccas.
  14. Solid point there ibast.
    But I see where matt is coming from. I come from the western district, I've lived in provincial cities, inner, middle and outer suburbs, and the use of the word 'mate' definitely varies.
    For the middle-income earners, it's used when they don't know or can't remember your name. It kind of assumes similarity - it's almost a challenge ("are you my kind?"). In true working class use it's either genuine fellowship, or it's hostile/sarcastic.
    The top end of town make me laugh when they use it, because they are so 'try hard' Aussie. Lot's of try-hards around.
    Country people don't use it that much, and probably don't trust those that do. It sounds like a politician trying to get around you.
  15. Salt of the earth = Hard, square and bad for your health :wink:
  16. All common terms used when I lived in the country - 7 years in SA Riverland and then 14 years in Gippsland.

    "Mate" was commonly used - they must be a bit more up themselves in the Mallee.

    If you want to see what regional differences there are then http://www.abc.net.au/wordmap/regionnames.htm links to the Macquarie Dictionary wordmaps for various regions.
  17. i'm Serbian, i use faaarken a lot, vers my muni faaaken
  18. I use mate too much. Mostly when I can't remember people's names. Better than 'dude.'

    I try to avoid love, darl, hun, etc.

    I grew up poor, but spent my teenage years pretending I was upper-middle class - scholarship to private high school, big snobby university college etc. Gradually getting back to my working class roots making a living doing manual work and dealing with tradies.

    How pretentious does that sound? :LOL:
  19. You're a Beige GOOSE.Come back and pay me out when ya get hair on your nuts.