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Sales Training

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Biker Boy, May 19, 2011.

  1. Mods: I hope this is appropriate

    Guys if any of you are Sales People, Sales Managers or run any type of sales team or business, I have something valuable to share.

    Like any sales office/business, at work we are always attending workshops, seminars, training sessions, listening to guest speakers etc as part of our on going development.

    I had the opportunity to spend 4.5 hours today in a small group with Craig Leaney. I walked in thinking "Here we go again, another selling 101 session" I really thought it would be a "look at me" "look how good I am" show. As most motivational speaker sessions are.

    After 4.5 hours with this man I can say this: If you have not had the opportunity, you are missing out. He has a real no bullshit, no fluff, real world approach. Any sales person could benefit. For the most part he encourages you to be consciously aware of the profitable behaviors and challenges you to exercise those behaviors and skills on a regular basis.

    He is absolutely amazing. There is no new magic secret. There is nothing revolutionary. His presentation is interactive, simple, to the point.

    I always take something away from any session. This is the first time I was IMPRESSED.

    If anyone is interested please shoot me a PM and I can get something organised for you.
  2. So far you're safe...
  3. Hello Biker Boy...

    First of all thanks for telling us as well as sharing your experience with that guy....It seems that Craig Leaney is a great guy with so many wonderful thought with him...I also want to become the part of his presentation..So can you please provide me CD or something else,so that i can too take the benefit...

    James Tiddy.
  4. lol best account ever
  5. do I sense a well-constructed Dorothy-Dixer going on???
  6. oh ffs jamesloveshismumstittys