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VIC Sales Person for Sumoto Motorcycles!

Discussion in 'Employment' at netrider.net.au started by jaguarfanster, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. As I've mentioned in the other thread, I've had a slight change in circumstances. So, I'm on the lookout for a replacement!

    So here's your chance to work for the one and only (deep breath); Sumoto!

    The job is primarily a sales gig. Good base and commissions. We sell around 700-800 bikes a year.

    Ideally someone with web design experience, design, and I.T. will be preferred.

    Also, we've just moved to a new massive showroom on Sydney Rd in Brunswick. So extra points if your business savvy, or an ideas person, and can help with expansion.

    I've only advertised in Netrider for now. I thought I'd do that before SEEK and it's standard 1000 resume barrage haha.

    Anyway send resumes to desmond@sumoto.com.au

    Or, call, 9383 3311
  2. What's the pay and hours like?
  3. Its a sales role so lowish base plus commission. Most Saturdays you will be working and plenty of unpaid overtime to meet targets.
  4. Hey Gurba!

    We haven't set an official pay rate yet. This as pay will depend on an individual's skills/experience since we're not looking for a 100% salesperson only.

    I can understand how this might not be the response you're after. However, if we encounter a desirable candidate, we will negotiate an appropriate pay rate.

    Hours are as follows,

    10am-5pm Monday to Wednesday.
    10am-7pm Thursday
    10am-5pm Friday
    10.30am-3pm Saturday

    And aussieak! Glad to see you replying again! I hope your job situation is going well. You did mention having a few problems. I'm a little heartbroken you didn't reply to my response on the Sumoto thread...

    Anyway, if this sounds reasonable, like I mentioned above, send in a resume.
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    I guess if you really want to be in the industry it's a good gig. Crown has kind of spoiled me on pay:effort.
  6. And on this one. A proportion of overall salary is of course derived from commission. The base however will be determined upon skills/experience.

    There aren't any targets. I've been working here for near 6 months now. I'd know haha :p. And there's no overtime. Well when the day ends, you leave. That's it.

    Hahah you seem to know more about the position than me :p! I love you aussieak.

    And you're right Gurba. It's for someone who's passionate about motorcycles. I'd think Netrider is where they'd hang out haha.

    The room for growth is huge considering you're the only sales guy/all rounder. You'll be working alongside the owners; Monier and Conner. Guys who are pretty well connected in the industry. Essentially whatever ideas you're keen on, you can run. Subsequently you'll be managing a part of the show.

    It's certainly helped my resume!
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    Apologies for the heartbreak. not that I read that I needed to respond at the time.

    Best I revisit that thread ;)

    Careful I may have to apply for this job. :)

    Sales is an interesting career path depending on industry and employer.

    Form what I have gathered in motorcycles it more passion based that financial security with a few perks like demo bikes to ride and discounts on accessories and some good inside knowledge.
  8. He forgot to mention the ability to make a good coffee ;)
  9. And a nice ass :)
  10. That's pretty scary LOL:LOL:
  11. Is the job still available??
  12. I doubt it I am still waiting for either a dear john letter or interview
  13. Hey thank you for posting the SEEK ad Justus. I wasn't sure if it would be breaking forum rules by hotlinking to another business.

    But yes, the job is still available. We haven't found anyone suitable as yet. Bummer as I can't head off on vacation yet. :(
  14. Well I've applied via the seek website ... And haven't had a reply as yet :(
    A thanks or no thanks would be better then nothing at all :)
  15. Hey Kitt thanks for applying! We do appreciate it. We've had over 100 responses so far. Unfortunately it's Christmas and the shop is pretty under the pump; so job screening has been on hold :(.

    Anyway a candidate will be selected shortly after we return from the holidays (14/01/14). If we don't get back to you by then, Kitt, I'm sorry. But, I do appreciate your applying, and hope you find that job you're craving!
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