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Sales of New Motor Vehicles, Australia, May 2011

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Jun 16, 2011.

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  2. Looks like a mildly useful barometer for disposable income to me.
  3. More like people are waking to the fact that new cars lose a few thousand as soon as you drive them out the dealer, factor in that useless dealer delivery scam and other associated fees when buying brand new more people are buying second hand as that's where the bargains are.
    The recent floods in brisbane will see an increase in car sales though
  4. In fact you don't actually have to drive it to loose a few thousand. As soon as it is registered in your name you have just kissed $1500 (or more) goodbye.
  5. The notion that you 'lose' money as soon as you've bought it is untrue. Unless, of course, you have purchased something as an investment only and are expecting to make a return.

    Buying a bike or a car is for the purpose of using the bike or car for transport. The fact that you may get something back for it when you no longer want it is a bonus.

    Also, April/May is traditionally the quietest time of the year for retail motor vehicle sales. Things will pick up a little for the traditional End-Of-Financial-Year sales in June and will continue through July and August as people get their tax returns. The onset of Spring usually fills the air will good vibrations and people keep spending.

    However, Glenn Stevens and the RBA are hell-bent on sending Australia into a permanent economic psychosis and have successfully scared the shit out of anyone out there thinking of spending any money. So, god knows what's going to happen, we can only be sure when it does.