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Sale question....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. If you wanted to get $7500 for your bike, how much would you put as the asking price?

    And yes there is a point to this!
  2. I'd put $8,200 - so gives about 10% leeway

    Another theory would be to say $7500 firm.

  3. That's exactly what I'd do!

    Just went and looked at this bike asking for $7700, would not move from $7500. No worries, see ya!
  4. For me, $7500 firm... that makes it clear and no bs..
    Mind you, there are people out there who will not buy without bargaining first.
    But that's them and you are you..
    If you wanna "play" Mr sales man, go 8200. The Internets.. gives you the opportunity to have one sales pitch for everyone, while when you expect people to drop in, you play with prices in order to make them come...
  5. Hey is that your cat Supernego? What type is it?

    Oh yeah, and he said he's willing to negotiate!!!
  6. the asking price is irrelevant

    its the real selling price that matters ?

    so you are moaning because the guy wouldnt drop more than $200 off ?

    ffs he could have put $8900 on it , then prob wouldnt get many lookers

    be realistic and have it a couple of hundred above what you are happy with and see it sold quickly
  7. :WStupid:
    if the initial price is too high you won't get many enquiries.
  8. When I sold my van about 18mths ago, I wanted $6k and advertised it for $8k, second guy that came, looked at it out the window, and said yep, I'II take it! :LOL: $2k I wasn't expecting! loser :roll:

    BTW I like the 'firm' price option.
  9. If I knew he was firm, I wouldn't have tryed negotiation!
  10. I normally decide what I want and advertise as $XXX no offers.

    If someone offers less, I tell them to come back when they have what I'm asking. In saying that, I will always price the item fairly, not over inflate it.
    To me it cuts out the bullshit, either you want it for my price or you dont.

    I have found that most people who are serious buyers realise my price is fair, and they end up just paying.
  11. he wasnt firm he asked $7700

    was the price representative of the condition and market ?

    did you take cash and wave it in his face ? cash can work amazing things and knock that extra few hundred bucks off
  12. quote="GS5hundy" Hey is that your cat Supernego? What type is it?quote
    British Blue Shorthair 8 yo..

    You need to set a "floor" price, the number that you don't want to go down not even a cent. Then ask what you would like to get (fair for you and the buyer). The difference between the two is your game area. If you set those amounts to start with, you will never regret the sale or the no sale..
  13. Firm is the way I'm going to go. As people have said, cuts out the bargaining - I'm not a dealer, I just want a fair price.
  14. Make sure it is worth that in the first place :LOL: :LOL:
    I agree with the 10% margin.
  15. I'm convinced ours is part British Blue, thats the second one I've seen now and he's almost the same, minus the white patches (must be his dad!)
  16. completely off topic, gs you need to get to a coffee meet sometime lol they have moved to tilleys though
  17. Ask what it's worth and prepare for people to negotiate with you.

    Then it's up to you whether you sell or not.

    That said, everybody loves to feel like they got a bargain.

    10% seems to be a fair limit for negotiation.
  18. Get a few mates to call up and offer ridicuously low prices, say $6000, then you're $7000 offer will look mighty tempting... :)
  19. if you're not hell bent on selling and you can wait, just be a hard ass end tell them where to stick there offers, no one is going to be offended by a simple 'no thanks mate'