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saki saki kawasaki

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by reggie_mk, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Was looking at a kawasaki homepage and it labelled the gpx 250r and the zx2r both ninjas. Is this true? What exactly is the difference? Is one imported? What about power and performance? Is the zx2r the same as the zxr 250? Yes i maybe a noob but i cant seem to get straight info about bikes anywhere. Ive tried a couple of sites ala www.totalmotorcycle.com. help me out.

  2. Apparently (As i was told recently) The gpx250 is classified as the ninja in the USA and the zx2r is the ninja everywhere else.
  3. And the ZX2R is imported, the GPX250 is available through local Kawasaki delivery. If you see a GPX with a Ninja sticker, it's an import. Easy way to pick. ;)
  4. I've just discovered the "Kawasaki approved triple code system" :shock:

    My bike is a ZX750F1 according to the engine/frame and factory.
    In Canada, Europe and Oz its a GPX750R,
    In the US its a Ninja 750...

    Dunno why they do that, also dunno why they called the Across an X913 :-k

    Ah well, just is I suppose

  5. ok well back to my original statement. If the gpx 250 is the same as the zx2r and the zx2r is the imported version why does it say on bike sales whrn you select the zx2r that it isnt a grey import. Also you can select zxr 250. whats the differences there?
  6. zx2r and zxr250 are the same thing.
  7. nonononono...

    the GPX is the GPX, the ZXR/ZX2R is a different bike. GPX is a 2cyl commuter, ZXR/ZX2R is a 4cyl sportsbike. the ZXR250 was the earlier version of the ZX2R, same kinda thing really with a few changes. ALL ZXR/ZX2Rs are grey imports, the GPX can be had in local imports or greys tho.


    the slapped the 'Ninja' Sticker on the GPX to make is sound more like a sportsbike. they dont go too badly, but they're not a 'real' ninja
  8. Not the same at all the GPX is a parallel twin which is real skinny, the ZXR250 (ZX2R) is a inline 4 which is a fair bit bulkier when compared to a gippie...

    The Gippie is called a ninja 250 in the US tho...
  9. wanna buy a GPX?

    i know one for sale ATM :grin:
  10. nnaaaah mate
    world wide its a ZX750F1 model
    so the Kawasaki VIN system is the same worldwide

    its just that the marketing wankers think it goes better
    as a Ninja7fiddy in the US, a GPx7fiddyR here
    etc etc blah blah


  11. Dale

    you forgot the...........ZZR2fiddy :p :p