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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by spenaroo, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. well,
    i was on ebay and browsing random things (as you do) i found that i could actually afford an small sailing dinghy. i remember enjoying sailing when i was younger, though i have only done it a few times,
    my father loved sailing when he was growing up, and had a catamaran when i was growing up. though it rarely got taken out, (id like a mono hull)

    so i was after peoples advise and recommendations on taking up sailing as a hobby?
    peoples experiences and the do's dont's etc...

    at this stage im just evaluating the idea,
    theres a few practical things to sort out (like where i would keep a boat, and when/where i could use it)
    but it never hurts to investigate

  2. All my sailing was done in NSW, so I am unfamiliar with the local scene, but I believe Sandringham Yacht Club have quite an active dinghy racing division.
  3. Going to be hard to tow with a motorcycle
  4. Reminds me of the old saying, "sailing is like standing in the shower ripping up $50 notes"
  5. Sailing a small boat in vic sounds like one of the few activities worse then riding a motorbike in the wrong gear in freezing rain, but wetter.
  6. Oh we are sailing
    Just give peace a chance

    Damn hippy never made any sense
  7. general consensus - move north.
  8. Laser dinghies are great. Heavy but transportable.
    You can get the one man and two man jobs. Keep on a trailer.
    Either that or get a windsurfer?

    Learnt to sail in the cold depths of Cornwall so Vic weather should be fine!

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    they seem to be about the size im looking at,
    though i prefer something with a jib (bit more involving and added fun to tacking)
    im not interested in racing at this stage,
    and it would most likely be 1 man.

    not too concerned about weight, would don't live near water so it would be towed by the navara

    as for the weather......
    it's what makes things interesting, after all the sunny days are reserved for the bike,
    but plenty of windy and slightly overcast days in vic
  10. You'd need to be pretty confident or experienced to handle a mainsail and jib on a single man boat.
    Maybe google enterprise dinghy. They are from the uk but are more geared toward 2 man than single. Bit heavier too but still transportable.
    Or a mirror dinghy. Ugly as sin but they have the 2 sails on some varieties and can be sailed alone. Bit slow though.

  11. Google Puddleduck Racer if you want some really cheap sailing laughs.
  12. check out sabre only mainsail but alot of fun can also handle strong winds
  13. I learnt to sail on Lilydale lake on a Hobie 14 footer, Needed two people to get it in and out of the water,
    Then I bought a Paper Tiger 14 footer, I can rig it and put it in and out of the water on my own, Its for sale by the way, It is on a registered trailer and sits in mt yard,
    It has a 20 foot mast and sail, It gets up and tangoes, Hahahahaha

    But now I have the 34 foot Cat, I dont need to sail on Lilydale lake any more,

    That was all the experience sailing I had before I sailed my Cat back from Fiji,

    Its fun,
  14. Yay, deadmans back!
  15. Not for long, I am sailing to the Kimberlys next year, In my 34 foot Catamaran,
  16. The best boat is one that belongs to someone else and you get paid to use it.
    I'd buy a boat, but I spend 3 out of every 4 weeks on the water anyway so I get my fix lol.

    I had an 18 foot stingray dm, good fun :).
    Went to lord Howe on a 60 footer, was also good fun.

    Been toying with the idea of becoming a yachtie but I don't have the bucks to get a 50 footer and anything smaller i would feel cramped lol.
  17. I have always regretted selling my Hartley 16. A fine old sailing boat...dingy...fishing platform.
    They weight a ton so are great for beginners to learn on. You can run full sail up too and through 25 knots of breeze. I had no problems running the main and jib solo on it. Both sheets led back to where you sat at the tiller and the main track is right there behind you too.
    They are a centerboard so you shallow draft them. They have enough room to sleep two.
    And have become quite a competitive one class racer.
    So yeah as a boat, a fishing boat and a sailing boat they're a hell of a lot of fun.
    I got mine on a trailer for $300....yup it needed a lot of work. Worst thing was the transom...so not really that bad a fix. The rest was cosmetic
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    We are moving to Paynesville and the first thing we did after sorting out the house was to put a deposit on a 21' Sunmaid Trailer Sailer, can't bloody wait to get it on the water, for a few extra bucks a month I can leave it at the boatyard and for $10 each way they launch and retrieve, no stepping the bloody mast everytime I want to sailing, just ride down to the boat yard and leave the bike there.

    Brett we had a TS16 for a while too, people couldn't believe we went away for weeks at a time on the Gippsland lakes, used to pack a tent and sleeping bags, pull up on the bank and settle in, perfic.. great little boats.
  19. well looks like i have an ok to get a small boat...
    so now i can start seriously looking,

    still like the idea of a mainsail and jib, (simmialar to the enterprise)
    but i am warming to he idea of a main sale only, especially in the sabre/laser

    but mainly it will be whats available for my budget (limited)
  20. Start with something fun like the laser or enterprise, then you'll know if you want to take it up a level mate.