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Saftey Hazard: Northcote? *#&*((*%^$^

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Yet another incident today. Its always on this one part of the road too!!! cept the pedestrian one.

    Im at the lights waiting for it to change.
    This guy is coming from the turn off on the lefthand side (same side as me)
    I think *well he is slowing down he must be going to stop its ok for me to floor it*
    The lights change, he does a quick look back and doesnt see us as a threat while I am quickly accelerating. fcuk!!!!! I back down on the speed just in time and miss out on being hit (becuase of my braking and deceleration).
    I almost let it go, but at the next lights hes right there in front of me and there is room enough to get beside him. So I knock on his window.
    "Do you realise you almost took me out just before?"
    "what? no you wernt acelerating, you wernt going fast enough"
    "mate it was a really close call...."

    then the lights changed and im sure he went off thinking "fcuking bikers stupid bikers"

    Next time, will just "acidentlaly" scrape my pegs on their headlights or something. :(

    So a warning to riders... dont travel near the shopping center in northcote if you value your life.

  2. Dont worry Eswen, a box of tissue will fix that.
  3. I don't understand you either.
  4. Hey Scooter,

    Dont understand my response or the incident? i personally dont understand the incident, that is why i was referring to a box of tissues as it may have been a minor incident.... Although, I could be wrong.
  5. let me know what you need further details on and I will elaborate so you understand :)

    The guy pulled out in front of me without really looking.
  6. My response time is not that Quick sir skuff, I was reffering to the incident.
    Eswin once your heart rate has come back to normal, please have another go at explaining what actually happened/went wrong?
  7. make sense to me, the guy underestimated eswen's acceleration/speed and pulled out in front of her.
  8. There's the problem right there. Never assume a car driver is going to do anything, because they usually always do the complete opposite. Yeah the guy's a knob for pulling out in front of you - but "quickly accelerating" from every green light's not always the best option either :p :wink:. It's the curse of being a rider, you always have to make allowances for everones mistakes.
  9. Yeah, i know
    always remember
    If you've got some issues, get some tissues"

    What do u expect mate, they cant see cars, so why would they see you?
  10. I dont generally assume but lack of sleep and not in a good mood equals bad judgments calls :(

    Ive recently really got into the habit of always acellerating faster than I would normally at that intersectin becuase of the dick who tried to run me off the road.
  11. Does a bad luck cloud follow you around or are you just always in the wrong place at the wrong time :(

    Glad to hear everythings ok....Mabye next time do a groberts and then he'l see you for sure.
  12. Leave your hi-beam on during sunny days like today eswen, cagers will think you are closer to them and less likely to pull out infront of you.
  13. I personallyfind people with their High beam on during the day really annoying to put it mildly.
  14. Thats a really good idea! i never thought of that... It doesnt dazzle or anything? Or is it hard to figure out if its the headlight or the sunlight :LOL:
  15. Of course it dazzles eswin and you will probably experience an increase in road rage incidents that will corroborate this finding.
  16. I'll go out on a limb and make a guess here - Eswen, this is in Separation Street, entrance to the Northcote Plaza parking area?
    If so, the guy is approaching a T intersection and Es is in the cross piece of the T, stopped at lights. The guy would turn left via a slip road (ie. doesn't need to wait for lights but he still has to give way), the lights change and he thinks he has time before the traffic takes off - but he's wrong because he underestimates the bikes acceleration.
    how 'my doin'?
  17. Works on sunny days without annoying people imo.
    esp. good if travelling away from the sun when its low.
    Try it scooter no one will snap your mirror off in a rage. :LOL:
  18. titus is right on the mark with that description. The guy was turning towards victoria road/fairfield and not high street as well.
  19. Yowsers! :LOL:
  20. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that he then decided to brake really suddenly... but I was keeping a 3 sec gaps and slowed down + swered round him fine :)