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VIC Saftey Cameras AFTER the intersection

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fa1c0n, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. How far after the intersection can saftey/speed cameras get you for speeding.

    Cause after i crossed the line on the other side of the intersection i think i was going like 64ish (In a 60 zone)

    Were is the focus on a stationary camera?

    Can they get you after the intersection?

    If so, How far after the intersection?

  2. Your speedo is likely to read high so you will probably be under wait for the ticket and worry about it then. I have thought I have been caught a dozen times and nothing came.
  3. Thanks vertical c.

    I still wanted to know if they can get you after the intersection though.
  4. No worries just thought I would ease your stress. Can't help you with the camera as they will might be different in Victoria so can't say for sure but cameras generally have limited range.

    But don't stress until you get ticketed.
  5. I imagine that the cameras would have a focal point or somthing were they checked your speed. and if you were passed the point they couldnt check you?
  6. If you entered the intersection on the yellow and went through to the other side then accelerated you will not be pinged.the "safety cameras" only will ping you if you go too fast in the actual intersection or cross on the red.
  7. Some people are confused the way speed cameras and red-light cameras work. They don't actually measure speed, they just take the photo once the car has passed the sensor on the road. If you pass over that sensor quicker then the speed limit, it triggers the camera.
  8. OK - here is the full story.

    1. lights were red. I was paticently waiting my turn to go in the right hand lane.
    2. lights changed to green and we excelerated
    3. i needed to change to the left hand lane but the douche wouldnt let me in.
    4. i excelerated harder and pulled infront of him.
    5. I didnt go over 60, inside the intersection.
    6. Once out side of the intersecton, and over the line i was going 64 ish.

    I imagine the sensor or w/e is in the intersection, and im safe as long as i was outside the intersection?
  9. I wouldn't worry, as stated before,

    The camera works by measuring your speed by distance reference sensors, it measure how much time it takes for you to pass the distance and hence your speed. This happens before you pass through the intersection :)

  10. Then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  11. I was wondering when the camera is in front of you can you still get booked?
  12. Not on a bike.
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  15. F*****G BOLLOCKS damn Vicroads propaganda!! They are NOT safety cameras! A fine AFTER the fact when you dont know where you got it from does NOT slow anyone down!!!! Knowing its there DOES!

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    Couldn't help but notice - when they highlight the 'strips' that you must pass over to trigger the red light camera... they only appear to be on the left hand side of the road.
  17. You have an amaizing point.....

    /me suddenly only crossed through traffic lights on the wrong side of the road.
  18. A lot of my time these days is spent trying to figure out how to word questions for police so that it won't come across as me looking for ways to do illegal things without being caught.
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    Safety cameras don't save lives - just try throwing one to a bloke struggling in the pool....
  20. Hehe.... ahh reveries.

    nothing else to add.