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Saffa in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by inztigator, May 13, 2014.

  1. Hey gents and gals

    Rider from good old Johannesburg, South Africa. Good to finally find an online group of riders. I am hoping to hopefully meet some of you on a ride at some point in time.

    Short intro, moved to Australia in 2011 and after settling down, have finally managed to convince the wife that I need to get back to riding. Got her stamp of approval and have booked the pre-learner course for next week, and then L test to be done immediately after.

    Unfortunately my South African riders license expired in 2011, and RTA won't recognize it unless its valid :( So will have to do the L, and P1 before moving to full R.

    Lucky for me, I brought all my gear across, but will need to get a new helmet due to AS standards, and obviously new bike. Am looking at Honda CBR500R, however it is going to be painful, as I came from a Honda CBR600RR and Gixxer 600.

    Anyways, that's my life story :)

  2. G'day Joe, welcome aboard.
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  3. Welcome Joe, In what part of Australia did you settle?
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  4. NSW
  5. Yes Sydney is in NSW ;) but its also a big town. If you are near Homebush Saturday practice is worth it for the social aspect even if you aren't interested in the practice.
  6. lol my bad. Yes, Sydney is a big place :D

    In Hornsby :)

    I will definitely be attending a Homebush practice once I get Learners and bike in the next two weeks.
  7. Welcome along Joe.
    Good luck with the courses and shopping.
  8. Welcome to Nutrider!
  9. Pre-learners course complete, and green slip attained :) Now to L test tomorrow!
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  10. welcome aboard Joe :] you do realise Sydney is the second best state in Australia :]
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  11. Really!! :D

    Man, you should have told me this before I settled here. lol
  12. Hey hey. Got my L plates this morning :D woooooohooooo

    Now the fun begins!
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  13. Congrats man enjoy the ride :]
  14. Just need the bike :p
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  15. Bike check :D And how awesome is this weather?!
  16. Gotta love global warming, I'm putting all my winter riding gear up on eBay next week!

    Welcome to Netrider, on a more serious note ...
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  17. The cold chill is gonna come eventually :(

    Just taking advantage of this bloody good weather!
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