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Safety - Who needs it?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Phanoongy, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Wasn't sure if this had been around yet...
    So I figure I would share. DON'T CLICK IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE BROKEN BONES, BLOOD AND LOTS OF ROAD RASH. This is the worst (and best irronically) photos of motorcycle gore.


  2. Some good graphic pics of why you should wear the proper gear. Should be shown to all SQUIDs constantly till they get the picture.
  3. oh my... lucky I was wearing something each time I ever come off... from the description of the crashes I would have ended up like that....
  4. Ouchies. Perhaps the TAC needs to show some of that to our squids. Although no doubt it would suggest that the scars were caused by speed! :p
  5. yeh that R6 must've been going at least 42km/h!!
  6. You will still break bones if you come off bad enough with all your gear on but at least it's better than losing your skin , ouch.
  7. TAC sent me out "The complete skin care range for motorcyclists" brochure, they have 2 gim pics, one of a leg with an amputated foot with the caption "This is going to make gear changes tricky", the other pic is of a deep skin graft to side of someone's calf with the caption "And he was only riding down to the shops".

    The whole brochure is about wearing your safety gear. I received it with my DVD I won when I entered the competition when I got the sandpaper earlier this month".
  8. Ouch!

    Damn. :(

    I'm need to get some more gear.

  9. man thats some good reasons to wear the right gear.