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Safety vs Convenience

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tyberious Funk, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. I have recently purchased a house that is 20-30 minutes walking distance from the nearest train station. Since I take the train to work every day, this is going to add a fair bit of time (and inconvenience) to my average commute. By bike (or car), though, I reckon it is only about 5 minutes.

    I work in an office environment where a business shirt and pants are the standard attire, so I would need to get changed. So wearing full gear for a 5 minute ride just doesn't seem practical. I see a lot of riders seem to stick to just jacket and helmet for short trips, and I wanted some opinions on whether this was being foolish.

    10 years ago, I probably wouldn't have cared. But these days I'm older, wiser and have a family to think about. So I'd like to hear from some experienced riders and what sort of gear they consider mandatory for a quick ride to the nearest station.
  2. some of the guys here leave their jacket at work and bring a 2x spare work shirt/pants in a back pack.
  3. well, 5 mins is plenty of time for a crash. only takes a few seconds to get up to speed and in the space of 5 mins how many cars do you pass? the likelihood of that happening is up to you to judge.

    i dont think 20 mins walking is too bad actually, bit of daily exercise morning and afternoon mightnt be so bad, but if you dont want that then at least try to put on some abrasion protection on the legs too. something like dririder pants can go over clothing pants.
  4. What kind of rider are you? Do you take plenty of risks? Have to always be at the front of the queue? Taking the "wiser" bit to mean maybe not :?

    If you're doing a sedate ride every morning/arvo, wouldn't hesitate in minimum gear. But you gotta ride as defensively as you can - if you're lying in an ambulance, doesn't matter who's fault the accident is
  5. If its a really short journey through quiet streets I would just wear a helmet and gloves. Or ride a bicycle.
  6. Well, it's close to 15 years since I last rode a bike. But I'm generally a very sensible type, and not prone to taking risks. And I definitely don't speed.

    I'd be interested in what people think is "minimum" gear. Helmet and jacket? Boots? Pants?[/i]
  7. I imagine they mean helmet and gloves. But a jacket shouldn't be too much of an issue either, just put it on the back of your chair when you get to work. Also look at Draggin K-Legs/Liners/Chinos.
  8. On the daily commute?

    Helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, boots. Even if it's only a short trip, doing it every day increases your overall exposure to the extent that I'd not be happy with anything less.

    No need for full race gear though. Pants can be Draggin Chinos or kevlar long johns, and an armoured textile jacket would be fine. There are a few lighter, shorter boots around now that I'd consider adequate for such a trip as well. At risk of being flamed, I'd be quite comfortable with a (lighter and less bulky) open face helmet too, but that's a matter for the individual to make an informed choice on.

    If kitting up for a five minute ride is too much, consider doing the whole trip by bike rather than just the trip to the station. You know you want to :wink: .
  9. For the trip you describe my minimum would be jacket, gloves, helmet and plain black riding boots would be preferred too. I used to ride to work 40 minutes each way in normal work pants.. wanted to get some black chinos but never got around to it.. had a spill in the rain once, grazed knee and ruined the pants, that was at 20-30kmh. Wouldn't want to fall off any faster though ;)