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NSW Safety Vests for school kids to cross road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Vertical C, Nov 17, 2011.


Is this a good idea?

Poll closed Nov 27, 2011.
  1. God this is the stupidist idea ever

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  2. Huh, let me finish this text

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  1. FFS fluro vests don't help when drivers don't look and are texting



    Fluoro vests

    Good idea or nanny state? ... students from St Martha's Catholic Primary School at Strathfield in their safety vests / Pic: Jeff Herbert

    IPODS and mobile phones are being blamed for distracting teenagers while crossing roads, with one in four school zone pedestrian injuries involving 12 to 15 year olds.

    A parliamentary inquiry into road safety was yesterday told that 60 per cent of the teenagers injured were boys, The Daily Telegraph reported.

    The alarming statistic was revealed as students at one Sydney school were encouraged to wear fluorescent vests to school to increase visibility and lower the road toll.

    The pilot project was launched at St Martha's Primary School at Strathfield, where students will be given vests to wear to and from school.

    Realising it might be difficult to get fashion-conscious teenagers to wear the fluoro jackets, neon-backpacks are also being considered.

    Not-for-profit group Foundation 40 has devised the pilot and is seeking more schools to trial the idea.

    "We don't sell the vests to the school but we ask for a donation. The proceeds than go back to children's charities," foundation executive director Jim Austin said.

    "We have to be careful when driving in school zones and pay attention to what is happening outside the car."

    The parliamentary inquiry into road safety heard teenage boys were most in danger of pedestrian accidents due to their risk-taking behaviour.

    While flashing lights continue to be one of the most successful ways to alert drivers to a school zone, not every school had them.

    NSW Centre for Road Safety acting director Margaret Prendergast said raising penalties for drivers would not act as a disincentive.

    She said higher fines introduced in 2007 had not changed driver behaviour.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/sch...st/story-e6frfkvr-1226197337739#ixzz1dvvSnJBZ
  2. What an effing joke.
  3. What's this parliamentary enquiry anyone know
  4. Looks like we are following the UK.
    Saw some kids in flouro vests yesterday in London.
    They were only walking down the footpath.
    OH and S at it's best.
  5. i dunno.
    kids fault for being there really
    had of been wearing a vest i would'nt have squished him
    not my fault i did'nt look
    welcome to planet cager
  6. Kind of looks like a target on their back:bolt:
  7. My gut feel is that most collisions in school zones would be less about SMIDSY-in-plain-sight and more about the sheer number of vehicles trying to dive headlong into parking spaces to drop kids off, kids between cars trying to cross, etc. Situations where it's more to do with blockage of line of sight than people bowling over a pack of children crossing the road in plain sight.
  8. OMG, this is the best business idea EVA!!

    It'll take ten seconds to convince VicGov this is a good idea, and every parent in the state will have to buy them. Doesn't matter whether it works or not, any school that doesn't enforce it will be open to liability claims. Someone's gonna make a f***n fortune!!!

    Wish I'd have thought of it. :cry:
  9. Except for those NFP's wrecking it.

    Not-for-profit group Foundation 40 has devised the pilot and is seeking more schools to trial the idea.

    "We don't sell the vests to the school but we ask for a donation. The proceeds than go back to children's charities," foundation executive director Jim Austin said.
  10. A more permanent solution is to strap the children with explosives & a touch trigger (might need some kind of magnetic reed switch...needs further investigation), careless driving in school zones would drop significantly.

    Then we really would be thinking of the children. Of course it would need to be powerful enough to kill or seriously maim the driver too, could be some collateral damage, but it's for road safety, I can't stress that enough.
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  11. Maybe "the terrists" have it right and we should all be killed. This is just ridiculous.
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  12. This is another reason I won't have kids: I don't want to subject them to the absolute pussification of modern society. Kids grow in a world where they are overly sheltered, never in danger, never challenged, and never allowed to compete. Then they grow up to be adults that refuse to take risks, refuse to accept that not everyone can win, and think everything should be handed to them.


    When I was a kid, I was taught something: if you don't want to get hit by a fuсking car, don't be in the fuсking road unless you've looked to see that it's clear.

    I was taught something else, too: If you lose, don't cry and give up. Get better at it, and keep doing it until you win.

    And here's something I'd like to teach to all the politically correct risk-adverse cowards out there: If you want to save the planet, kill yourself. Take all the shelves out of your fridge, climb inside with a knife, close the door and slit your goddamned wrist to make the cleanup easier.
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  13. Ok, the other day I watched WALL-E with my kids... Yeah cute move..
    But for some reason, this nanny state bullsh&t has just reminded me of that big spaceship where no one walks, and everyone's on a floating chair/bed thingy where everything's done for you so you're totally safe..

    Is that where we're heading....

  14. Nope, space is too dangerous. Didn't you know? 18 people have DIED during space trips! The space toll has to be reduced!

    If you want to see where we're heading, watch Idiocracy.
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  15. #15 Tone2, Nov 17, 2011
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    Re: kids walking down the road wearing vests, I've seen them here too. There's a thing called a 'walking bus' to get kids to school, where volunteers round up a group of kids who live near school, progressively adding to their number as they get closer. Coz we can't let kids walk anywhere on their own these days.....anywho, they make the kids wear the hi-viz vests.
  16. WTF how stupid. Wont put it past our government to spend 100's of 1000's of $$ to investigate it and come to the same conclusion though.
  17. Back in the days when it was actually possible to find properly researched, peer-reviewed findings on road safety issues rather than propaganda exercises, I remember seeing material to indicate that the vast majority of pedestrian injuries and fatalities were a result of the pedestrian not seeing the car and not the driver failing to see the pedestrian.
  18. clearly, speed was a factor.

    those rockets travel at more than 50kph.
  19. Once everyone is wearing fluro all the time the point of fluro will be lost. ****ing stupid **** pollis
  20. Don't think that is quite correct. The point of it is to get seen. Fluro is even more eye-catching when in abundance. Sure, people get used to seeing people in fluro but the idea driven home is fluro=pay attention=people. That wont fail.

    I reckon the kids would love to wear fluro vests.

    For about 3 days.