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Safety labels

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Zulu, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. On every new bike you can find those bloody safety labels. Like "use high octane fuel only" and "Wear helemt, don't drink, etc..." I don't mind them but I need to get them off to stick my tank protector on. It would look really stupid if I put the protector on top of them. I got the small one off. Took me 2 hours. I dread the big one. Anyone can recommend a way to scrub it off? The bike is new, so I don't want to scratch the tank or take the paint off.

  2. I used a hairdryer and orange-oil-based sticker removing solution to remove a sticker from my exhaust that had managed to survive petrol, turps, metho, carb cleaner, wd40, chain cleaner and brake cleaner (you can see I got more inventive in the things I tried :p )
  3. Acetone usually works well on sticker glue - though whether it'll attack the paint depends on what sort of paint's been used.
  4. OK. Thank U. Interesting. What was the brand? And was it called sticker remover? Don't forget, mine is on the tank. I really don't want the paint damaged. Those stickers are like government regulation or something. I've never encountered anything this difficult to remove in my life. :LOL:
  5. I hope I'm not considered stupid. Just lazy cos I couldn't be stuffed removing them and just wacked a clear tank cover over it. At a wonky angle too. Cos the bike was on an angle when I put it on. :oops:
  6. There is a WD40 pen that I saw the other day. If you can get a corner up you can draw underneith it with the pen and it should lift it up. Someone already tried WD40 (guessing it was the can).

    Other than that get a hairdryer on it. Heat the glue up a bit and it should peel off.
  7. Why are you hell bent on removing the stickers? They are not a legal requirement (AFAIK) Just whack the protector over them. No worries about damaging paint then........