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Safety Gear - What do YOU wear.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mrbign, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. All gear all leather all armour all the time

  2. Gloves, Boots, Leather Jacket, Leather Pants

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  3. Gloves, Boots, Jacket, Draggins

  4. Gloves, Boots, Jacket, Jeans

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  5. Gloves or Boots, Jacket, Jeans

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  6. Jacket, Jeans

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  7. Boots, Jeans

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  8. I'm wearing my helmet aren't I?

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  1. Sorry if this has already been done, I searched but couldn't find anything like it.
    I want to know what people wear. I don't care what people think they should wear and I don't care what they think others should wear. I'm simply wondering what people do themselves and therefore what's normal.

    I'm hoping to make this a 3 part query for different circumstances. 1) For a 10min DVD return; 2) For a 40min city commute; and 3) For a 2hr hills run.
    (Jacket = Textile or Better, Boots = Leather, Helmet = Assumed)
    * All gear all leather all armour all the time
    * Gloves, Boots, Leather Jacket, Leather Pants
    * Gloves, Boots, Jacket, Draggins
    * Gloves, Boots, Jacket, Jeans
    * Gloves or Boots, Jacket, Jeans
    * Jacket, Jeans
    * Boots, Jeans
    * I'm wearing my helmet aren't I?

  2. 1) Something that covers my legs, boots without laces, gloves and helmet (this is also only during quite times on the roads, so not peak hour etc)

    2)Gloves, Boots, Jacket, Draggins+back protector

    3)Gloves, Boots, Leather Jacket, Leather Pants+back protector

  3. * Gloves, Boots, Jacket, Draggins
    and that's whilst :driver: :wink:
  4. I voted (3) because that's my standard for commuting where I spend most of my bike time. If I'm doing distance, the Draggins are replaced with leather jeans.

    The jacket's a DriRider Rallycross Evo with the CE armour. I'd wear a leather in preference but I don't currently own one that fits and can't justify the cost of a new one :( .
  5. Thanks guys. My standard for a quick trip is Jeans, GP boots, gloves, and dri-rider. The more I read on the forums the more I think people are better protected than I originally believed. I also see that Jackets aren't neccessarily the first non-helmet item that people put on. I didn't even know road bike riders wore back protectors. :oops:

    I wouldn't get on the bike without gloves and a jacket but I read a comment in another thread that really made sense saying your legs and feet are pretty important so I'm trying to wear my boots more consistently.
  6. I always wear draggins, leather jacket (no armour though as yet) and gloves. I'm getting some boots for my bday which is in 3 weeks yay!
  7. I wear my A* two peice leathers, boots, gloves, back protector and chest protector everytime i ride.
  8. A.T.G.A.T.T. is just silly.
    Half an hour to get dressed? I mean, rilly.
    Besides, if I bin,
    And my chin needs some skin,
    There's a bunch on the end of my willy.
  9. Getting changed into all my gear only takes me (literally) 2-3minutes, so i don't see it as an issue/hassle.

    It's just some velcro straps and some zippers.
  10. See, Loz, velcro and some zippers
    Is worth it to save from those rippers
    But, then, if your hide,
    Has some spare stuff outside,
    Then ride bare, but carry some clippers.
  11. Some clippers dear Hornet, that's all?
    I'm better prepared for *my* fall.
    I carry a lamp,
    Secoteurs and a clamp,
    And a chainsaw nineteen inches tall.
  12. Lucius: If you're sitting around the house and realise at quarter to 6 that you haven't returned the DVD to a shop 10 minutes away you'd get changed into the leathers and armour? That's interesting. It's good coz you're safer but I guess most people couldn't be bothered. That's the sort of thing I'm asking these questions to find out.
  13. This is just for a 10min DVD return.
    Diff story – obviously - for a day/half day ride.

    I’ve fallen off a bike wearing Helmet, T shirt, jeans & runners. Real low speed drop: it was a 10min pick-up bike from dealer after rear tyre change ride. It hurt enough for me never to ride about like that again.
    (Once bitten ,twice shy. That’s the sencitive new-age sorta bloke I am. Didn’t cry though, not once. )
  14. In my younger years I came off after riding off with the stand down. T-shirt and jeans on. Low speed so no skin grafts required, but hurt heaps. Some serious gravel rash. I used beer as disinfectant and for general pain relief. Next morning I was in even more pain as I found the weeping peeled areas of my body had stuck to the bed sheets. Had to soak myself (with sheet stuck on me) in the bath tub to get them off!

    Nowadays (older, uglier & wiser) I only ride for pleasure - so its always long weekend rides (cage for any midweek errands) and always in full leathers and protection.
  15. No, i would take the car!

    The rhyming is great, gave me a smile in an otherwise un-eventful day. :)

    Didn't i read somewhere that a large number of accidents happen within a short range of home? - ill see if i can dig up where i remember this.
  16. Draggins, top of the range Ixon jacket, top of the range Alpinestars boots and gloves for me..I'm on my L's and haven't been riding for too long, so I dress to come off.

    I cringe when i see riders in summer in shorts and a tank top/tshirt..the heat of the concrete alone in summer would be enough to leave 2nd degree burns!
  17. Absolutely true. That's why I keep my bike at a storage unit 20 km away. That way I can ride like a lunatic and still reduce my chances of crashing :LOL: .

    Seriously though, two (out of three) of my potentially serious stacks happened within 1.5 km of home.
  18. That's why I steer clear of Winnebagos ;).
  19. Boots, Draggins, Helmet and Gloves. If i need to shoot up the shops I would drive.
  20. I used to 'tut-tut' about gear
    As the summer, and squids, would draw near
    But now I don't care
    'Cos the only repair
    Will be THEIR skin, not mine, and no fear.