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Safety Gear I'm Confused

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WantFreedom, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Happy New Year!

    I'm in the process of getting my bike license, buying a bike and the hardest part I'm coming to terms with is the safety gear being a learner and not knowing a great deal.

    I recently went to a bike shop and advised them I was a getting my bike license and they advised of some Kevlar Jeans and Mesh style jacket, they advised off the helmet gloves and boots approx $600, now another shop advised me I should get all leathers this shop quoted me approx $1000 - $1300 obviously there is a big cost difference between the two shops.

    I'm someone who gets hot very easily for example in winter I normally wear just shorts and tshirts and sometimes a jumper.

    I'm not sure if my style of riding will make a great deal of difference in regards to safety gear but I won't be going crazy around corners and over 100km just be cruising around the streets and getting some confidence for the first 6 months.

    I won't put myself in a situation on skimping on safety gear if it means I need to save up a little more then so be it as I'm really not sure how much to outlay.

    Also, I'm in the process of dropping 10-15kgs so I'm hoping to buy something that will adjust to me if I lose the weight as I don't want things baggy such as the jacket and pants as I wouldn't have to buy them again.

    Any help would be appreciated in regards to what safety gear I should look at.

  2. When I got my learner's I got a textile jacket, kevlar pants and gloves with my helmet. It got me from point A to B pretty easily and it wasn't too hot (Talking as a 80kg bloke). It got hot in summer however was quite comfortable in winter!

    In terms of the 10-15kg's drop (good effort btw) I was told when buying riding gear to make sure its tight. Nothing worse than a baggy jacket blowing hard in the wind. Maybe its worth buying some second hand jacket and pants for now then buying new gear once your at your desired weight? I know buying second hand jacket and pants saved me around $500 straight off the bat.
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  3. Every rider should have a complete set of leathers :)
  4. It's always a question of balancing safety, budget and comfort. You won't get a satisfactory answer from anyone but the first shop sounds like a sensible starting point.

    I usually tour in regular jeans (because Kevlar ones shit me), textile jacket, textile/leather gloves and boots. But amongst the safety crowd I'm maybe a dinosaur. I think the first shop is a good starting point.
  5. I wish I was a more average size,lots avalable 2nd hand for average sized people.Buy and sell as you change sizes as well,For really resonable money the 3rd poster in this thread modifys leathers to be a custom fit,in Sydney.Recommended
  6. Thanks Jon,

    Did you feel safe in your textile jacket and kevlar pants? as its something I am looking at getting to start with.

    I haven't really explored the idea of second hand gear as I would have to look locally and make alot of trips to different places to try on gear as I wouldn't buy something without trying it on, but I might have a look at what second hand gear is around while I have a little more time off work.
  7. Balancing is the key here and I understand I'm going to get so many different opinions my riding style for the first 6-12 months just take it easy not going to fly up the street or highway or fly around corners and will probably not clock 100km much its all about me learning to ride in a safe way so I get some experience to ride overseas in Vietnam where there speed limits are usually between 30-70km .
  8. Shops like to sell you what will make them $$.

    Mesh for a bloke who gets hot is a good idea, just make sure it has a waterproof liner (pref removable), or it leaks like a sieve in the rain. If it doesn't have a liner, you will need a rain suit, and consider whether you have room to carry it.
    With kevlar jeans, you will need that rain suit too, they get very heavy when they are wet, and hot when the weather is warm.

    A textile jacket and pants with removable waterproof/thermal liners will be the simplest single solution to buy. All bike clothing gets hot in summer unless you live in a cold climate. Leather is more restrictive than textile, is often hotter as it doesn't breathe well, and unless a special type of leather, will get very heavy when wet, so again rain suit required.

    If you buy premium leathers, you can have them altered after losing weight, but I'm not sure that's the best solution. textile gear while possible to alter, will not be as simple.

    Welcome to the dilemma of motorcycling.....
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  9. When you find something that works in all weather let us all know,been looking for a very long time.Even the very very expensive stuff can be problematic,no vents in my Danese Gortex jacket,none available back then.One bit of advice,perforations in leather and VENTING in synthetic gear,some of the venting can be zipped closed if its cooler.Good luck.Some great if conflicting advise here but do wear something crash protecting wise,its likely as a learner it will happen.Hard to beat gravity
  10. Whereabouts are you ? Good luck riding in leathers if you're way up north lol
    Cheers Ryan
  11. textile jacket with removable inner, and straps to cinch it in may help a little with the weight loss

    eg, this has Velcro straps around waist and around upper/lower arm. flaps on chest, zips all up each arm for ventilation and removable inner.. and cheap enough to ditch after a year when you work out what you really want :)
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  12. I have a vented textile jacket I use for summer, it has a liner for winter. It works fine in summer, in winter I am dry(ish), but it gets sopping (the outside) and takes a long time to dry. This passed winter I bought a winter jacket, works much better in the wet, and toasty warm, of course that may be contrary to your needs. I wear kevlar jeans, you do get hot in summer, it isn't too bad when you are moving, try to avoid the those red lights.In winter I wear waterproof pants over the the kevlar jeans.
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  13. You have very good advice above and the end of year sale are on. Go see what discount you can get. Also if you are buying a new bike, that is the time to push a good deal on your safety gear.
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  14. Thanks for the replies guys I appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice and suggestions.

    I'm in Melbourne so we have a few hot days here but not all the time

    I really like that jacket what is the pricing on that??

    Not buying a new bike just a cheap second hand bike to learn on :)
  15. it's just an Rjays cheapy (and what I have), at around $250 full price. just meant an example..

    I'm sure there are much much better jackets around and i'll be getting something better soon too.
    I don't have much riding experience, but has served me well and was only ever intended as a temporary measure.

    I'd suggest listening to more experienced riders opinions on individual jacket models ;)
  16. WantFreedomWantFreedom - Another option is to purchase a jacket you like then partner it with a pull over jacket / pants if the weather turns on you.

    Being from Melbourne myself, I am very familiar with the 38 degrees and showers kinda weather we can get here..

    I have a tail bag that i attach if there's a chance it should rain as Kevlar jeans aren't waterproof. Neither is my leather jacket for that matter.

    I have both a leather & textile jacket. The textile jacket allows more air to flow onto my body and is quite pleasant on a hot day.

    Here's a pic of the pullover wet weather jacket I'm referring to. These will set you back about $70 and the pants for them are around 40-50.

    Bike gear is somewhat situational / seasonal and you will find you end up with a few combinations of gear as you progress in your riding adventures.


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  17. check out bikers gear Australia, when I was first joined this was recommended to me and I ended up with a leather and textile jacket along with Kevlar jeans.

    Both jackets are still going strong the leather one even performed excellently in a recent low speed (45K) meeting with Mr Asphalt.

    AMX Cranbourne is wear I got my gloves and both helmets from.

    As always try before you buy and check out as many options as you can
  18. Jaytee when you say its a pullover do you mean it goes over the current jacket you have on? wouldn't that make it very bulky and hot?

    Bikers gear Australia was where I was going to buy all my gear I'm lucky its only one minute away from my place :)
  19. Heat tolerance varies, I wear 450gsm kevlar jeans and a leather jacket most of the time, sometimes going to a kevlar hoodie if its going to be around 40C or leather trousers if I might get wet or I just feel like it.
  20. WantFreedomWantFreedom the jacket goes over the one you have on, yes (it's quite thin). It's fine on rainy days and doesn't get hot. I am yet to test it on a hot rainy day but yes i'd imagine it would be hot if the day is already hot as its not very breathable.

    The jacket and pants are just there as a quick fix to it raining.. I'm sure there are more expensive options with Winter/Waterproof Textile jackets.