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Safety freaks and no ideas, awesome comments

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. A random search found this brilliant and simplistic piece of engineering. It was pretty cool but nothing to shout about and was about to move on when I read the comments.
    Have a good laugh.

  2. Maybe you should tell them about the gadget that goes into the spark plug hole and then connects via a hose to a deflated tyre.You start the bike and it inflates the tyre with engine compression,that should really scare the crap out of them.Love the last comment re Ostrich Feathers,thats what happens with all the safety Nazis these days.
  3. Reading those made my brain hurt.

    WTF saying it would stall the engine when there is a picture showing it works.

    Can't tell if stupid or trolling.
  4. I used to have one of those. It was fantastic for lifting rotten cars (this was in the UK) without punching holes in the rust.

    I am confirmed in my belief that 95% of western humans are a waste of space.
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  6. 1000psi inside the ball? Lawl. You gave me a good laugh tonight lilley, good find.
  7. The old exhaust jack has been used for many years in the aussie 4wd community.. Great things they are, much safer than a high lift jack.
  8. useful for all things, I have seen one used to get a prize bull out of the mud on a river bank.
  9. The stupid is high in that link
  10. There's a lot of oxygen thieves writing there...
  11. Jet lag ??? What jet lag ? I think that link cured me of anything that might be otherwise screwing with my mind :D
  12. Fair enough,you might not like the concept but if you haven't done any 4 wheel driving or used any recovery gear why would you have the hide to condom,spell check working well, its use or safety.Bit like all the knowledgeable bike safe stuff from the University research bunch.
  13. Just don't let a mate (especially when he is also your boss) stick the thing under the vehicle, even after telling him to watch out for the hot exhaust underneath. Mine went pop! because the silly bugger didn't listen to me, and the exhaust just melted though the bag. Of course, no kittens died when it happened, the vehicle just sat back down on its wheels. Time to get out a base board and the bottle jack!

    Apart from that, the ARB one still takes up a fair bit of space, and I often just do use the bottle jack, if it is safe to use on the ground the vehicle is on.

    One thing the internet does is allow people who know absolutely nothing about a topic to comment and critique it with no consequences what so ever.
  14. The only proviso with the exhaust jack is it's not a good idea to put it back in an enclosed cabin whilst still partially inflated with exhaust gases. I can't really see why anyone would, though, and I'd doubt whether it would contain enough CO to actually kill you unless you were in something like a Suzuki Jimny with the aircon on recirc.
  15. I liked this one