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Safety Cameras turned on on the Princess Freeway (Geelong)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Yep, today is day one for the new revenue cameras on the freeway from Geelong to Melbourne.

    State Treasurer John Brumby must be rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of the extra revenue he can spend from those who accidently wander over 100 km/h on the freeway.

  2. Yep. What is it now? A camera every 5kms?

    I reckon it's time for the motorists to start taking some action and tell the government where to stick their "safety" cameras.
  3. /me wonders what bike I'd need to hold a wheelie for the full length of the freeway.
  4. Interesting. A chap in another forum, while discussing these cameras said that, when recounting what the government said about X number of fatalities on that bit of road since 1994, that around 98% of them occured between 1994 and 2001. And only 3 since since 2001 when the duplication and other improvement works were completed.

    So, yeah, you have to wonder what good the "safety" cameras are going to do....

    I s'pose that all we can hope is that enough people who are just "wandering" over the limit along there are pissed off enough to express their feelings to the government come November.

    But then, is the alternative any more viable?
  5. Was the same on the Ring Road.

    They put in those lovely Wire Rope Barriers which stopped the semis from crossing the median killing on coming traffic and put the cameras in at the same time and put the accident reduction down to the cameras (forgeting the WRB's of course).

    I'm glad my car has cruise control or a trip to Geelong and back could get expensive
  6. What is also interesting is that these cameras have been installed despite evidence they can increase crashes - contrary to the temporary flashing signs on the road that claim 'CAMERAS CUT CRASHES'

    This is part of a Inquiry in to the country road toll in in 2004:

    That transcripts highlights this misonception that just because people slow down, crashes reduce. The reality is that people jumping on the brakes because they are doing 102 instead of 100 causes chain-reaction crashes, and that is what was happening in the UK, and congestion and an unchanged road toll (sound familiar?) was the result.

    The problem is, that even if the cameras are not signed (covert), being located in a conspicuous area like on a bridge will still cause people to panic and transfix on their speedos in an effort not to get booked.

    Furthermore, the inquiry was told:

    You could conclude that if looking at a sign every 15 seconds is dangerous, checking your speedo every 2 seconds is even more deadly.

    The most efficient way to reduce the road toll is to ensure that people can focus on the road in the most effective manner - lack of distractions and people confident to overtake to create space (rather than form close-travelling convoys all at speed limit) is probably a key reason why fatalaties have been so low on the new road (without cameras) for the last few years.
  7. Just heard on MMM News that 2000 motorists got caught on day 1 and it's been averaging 1200 every day since.

    Not a bad little earner that freeway.

    Oh, I'm sorry I thought the cameras were a user tax and not a safety item :LOL:
  8. your tax dollars hard at work.... oh and the $50 levy of course!
  9. If those figures are halfway accurate, then that means that the Geelong "free"way has a potential $50 mill a year earning capacity. Should pay for the roadworks in no time flat.

    I wonder what the excess speeds of the offenders were...
  10. I reckon they are half baked figures personally.

    If the knobjockeys in Spring street are true to form then it's just a scare tactic to get motorists to slow down.
    They still claim that the ring road cameras are on and snapping people. Half of the cameras are still missing :grin:

    The first thing they were saying in all the news tonight was that thousands of motorists might receive fines in the mail. Instilling fear?

    If there are 8,500 cars being booked each week on that road, then why isn't the crash rate up? why isnt the death rate up?
    Maybe driving at a reasonable speed on a road that is properly designed is why there are no fatalities recorded on that fwy after it was rebuilt.
  11. Exactly.

    Noel Ashby was talking the dangers up, even though, after the road was finished and before the cameras went in, there have been no fatalities (I have no idea as to how many crashes there have been, if any).

    But then, that's his job. He's head traffic cop and he has a vested interest in spouting this stuff. It's vocational self-preservation. We're all susceptible to it. We do whatever we can to make our job sound the most needed, most important, and most importantly, most indispensible.

    And the government spouts it too as it's a nice little earner for them. Saves them actually having to get off their collective arses and DO some real work to balance the books. Easy money means an easy time.
  12. speed cameras are just a joke.. that princes hwy is capable of carrying traffic at speeds of 110kph no probs. But no lets make it 100 so we can collect more money..
  13. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some community minded people have marked on the road where the cameras are.