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NSW Safety cameras, demerit points and notifications

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by AlbieQ, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all, don't know what happened but got a total mind blank today and I ended up running a red light at an intersection (entirely my fault). The lights had just turned red, and about half a second/a second later, I went through it. I wasn't speeding at all , i just....didn't stop. ](*,)

    I don't remember seeing the safety camera flash, so I don't know if i've been caught or not. My big Question is, when will I be notified if I have been caught? does it take days/weeks/months? Also, I'm an L plate on my bike, but a P2 on my driver's license. So if I do get fined and deducted demerit points, will I be able to claim the points off my driver's licence (and so avoid suspension)? And finally if that fails and I do end up getting suspended :cry:, does that mean I'll be suspended from driving as well? (seems unfair if they won't let me use my driver's demerit points to cover for the infringment but will happily suspend it along with my motorbike license).

    Cheers, Albie
  2. you will lose you're riding licence. You will also lose three points off your total. If that puts you over the 4 or whatever it is you have, you're walking. Might get a bit funky with the the weird points system for p-plates.

    edit: I wouldn't usually use 'funky' but i'm listening to say what - 28 days. It happens.
  3. can you be sure it got the back of your bike and not the front?

    not that I'd ever recommend anyone willingly ride face forward against a safety camera.
  4. safety cameras always grab the back, they need a shot of you against a red light.

    i got my notice about 5 days after hammering it past a brand new one around august last year. points come off both licenses like lilley said. if it puts you over either then you're walking for 3 months or whatever it is
  5. Intersections with one camera pointing in one direction will have signs saying safety camera ahead on all four approaching directions. Before you worry too much make sure that the redlight you ran was the direction the safety camera was facing. You can probably see it on google maps. Usually the flash is pretty obvious too. Good luck.