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Safest Lane Splitting/Filtering Methods and questions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dammit, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I know, I know, there have already been hundreds of topics on lane splitting/filtering...but I have searched, read through about 75 different threads, also googled and not found what I am looking for, so posting away!

    I have recently started lane splitting/filtering through peak hour traffic on the freeway. This is the Western Freeway in Brisbane, so only 2 lanes, and you are separated from the other direction traffic by either grass median or concrete barrier.


    1. In utter grid lock (i.e. both lanes jammed, all traffic under 30km/hr), if you saw a cop in the traffic like a paddy wagon while splitting, would you pull in and stop/behave yourself? Or just keep splitting past it given it is stuck in traffic and hope they don't write down your rego or have a camera?

    2. generally speaking is it safer to split down the middle of 2 lanes, in between the cars, or on the edge on either the right or left side.

    I see pros and cons for each:
    down the middle of the 2 lanes - good because most of the time the gap is pretty big, bad because cats eye reflector bumps to run over, cars changing lanes, tight gaps from trucks/buses/people blocking you.

    off the side edge - sometimes bumpy/damaged/debris/junk/rocks slippery etc. sometimes you have a nice wide edge then suddenly it ends if there is a bridge or something. Parked cars/broken down off to the side to watch out for.

    Or do both equally have their merits and just use whatever seems safer at the time (judgement call).

    I was trying to filter up the middle of traffic and came to a small truck (flat bed), saw that the driver noticed me 2 or 3 times in his mirror then had a vague feeling he might have been trying to block me a bit, figured it must have just been in my head and went along to filter, then right when I was in front of him he swerved a bit towards me and started yelling out and waving his fist out the window. I'm guessing it was either because he was frustrated by traffic, or because being in a truck he is worried for the safety of riders..?

    If anyone has any tips to consider it would help both me and anyone else new to splitting/filtering.
  2. 1. Have split past cops with no issue. Dont split past cop bikes.

    2. Split the middle, cars dont merge into each other, whereas they do swerve into the breakdown to take calls etc, just watch for gaps when splitting the middle, those are the traps.

    Oh and if you are a new rider stay out of my way whilst splitting oherwise ill run you over.
  3. I've followed cop bikes!!!
  4. You need to look harder your questions have been answered
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.