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safeguard bikes from thieves???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by getnkd, May 12, 2009.

  1. ive seen numerous bikes wif various locks? and some of these locks on youtube have been easily picked/opened! how can i safeguard my bike from thieves? any recommendations on locks/ any security methods would be great cause ive learnt from experience having my fathers car stolen and its the worst feeling ever! especially when youve had the car for ages and even more worst you'l never see it back or know who stole it!

    cheers yall

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  2. Insurance - the only lock worth having.

    Otherwise buy a gun, never sleep or leave your bike's side, and pray the bad guy doesn't have a bigger gun...
  3. ditto.. insurance,,

    at the end of the day if they want to steal your bike, they are going to get it...
    you can only make it harder on them, so use a disc lock, chain lock of some description or install a GPS/GSM alarm system on you bike.
  4. +1

    If they want your bike enough they will take it. Skateboards are great for bypassing locks and friends are good for lifting them.

    If you can park it in a secure car park, but again, not much is stopping them.
  5. yep insurance. i had to learn the hard way, my bike was in a lock up garage and taken.
  6. Insurance is crap... well full comp is anyway. Might be okay if your bike is worth something and you like flushing money down the shitter.

    Get an ugly bike, lock it to something. A thief is much less inclined to risk getting caught steeling an ugly old bike than the brand new R1 beside it.

    If you do rely on insurance then factor in paying excess and increased premiums for any theft claims.
  7. As if let theives stop you from living your own life..
  8. You're right. I should go out and buy an expensive motorcycle and then pay and arse load for insurance and then pay an arse load when it gets stolen again. Only to find out that insurnace doesn't cover me because the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. I'll teach those thiefs.
  9. Taken directly from Wiki.

  10. Taken directly from Life.

    Google that.
  11. I've had two claims, One bike stolen and one written off. Both times I had full comp and both times I GOT A SHINY NEW BIKE!

    Of course insurance companies will try to find ways of not paying, but if you've done eveything right, they can't say no, contract works BOTH ways.

    Yeah, it costs a bit, but you win in the end or at worst you'll break even as I did.

    Enjoy fearing thieves Port and owning shit bikes :roll:
  12. That's cool Kurse, your experience may vary from mine. Even though the two claims I made I had done everything right the insurance companies (yes two different ones) fooked around.

    You only win, or break even if you get your bike stolen or throw it down the road. I hardly call either of those 'winning'.

    Oh, BTW I don't fear thieves. I own the bike I own because I want to. I can afford a new CBR6 or similar, I just choose not to. You can call it a shit bike if you want, I know better.
  13. The same reason I married an ugly chick. No fear of anyone else wanting to shag her although I don't really want to either!

    Seriously, this is your solution, own a bike you think is ugly?

    I've always maintained that when considering insurance you should look at what you get when you actually need it, not how much you can save on your premiums when you don't need it. Either you had a shit insurance policy or you didn't read the fine print about the conditions attached to it.

    Every safety item you add is an extra deterrent to convince a potential thief to go elsewhere. Common sense is a good thing to apply as well. Consider where you're leaving your bike and do the most to minimise problems. And last of all, if the unthinkable happens, make sure you have good insurance.
  14. Not the main reason I bought my bike, but is handy deterrent. I do sometimes lock my bike if I go somewhere extra dodgy.

    In one instance I didn't read the fine print that said they could charge excess even for a not at fault claim... which is frankly bull shit. The second claim took two years to get a pay out even though the Police caught the guy breaking into my car. All details were provided to insurance company etc.

    Yep deterrents are just that. However some people rely on insurance to get them out of hot water. Only to find that the insurance company wont pay out for some dicky reason, or they'll take ages and pay out less otherwise thought.

    Yeah, I'm bitter towards insurance companies now. I only do 3rd party to cover my arse. For car and bike I'm prepared to replace should the worse happen. I've done the sums and realised for how little the insurance companies 'value' bikes and cars - versus how much they want to slug you each year it aint worth it. In my case I only need to have 3-4 years on no incidents and I'm in front. I also don't have to deal with the bullshit that the companies put you through to make a claim.

    Don't get me wrong, if I could be bothered with a new shiney bike I'd have full comp. But before that I'd have sorted my bike security. Datadot, tracking and a fsckoff bike cable and lock.
  15. I just did a few online quotes, and the policy + the excess is more than I am paying for the bike!

    I doubt I will get full comp until I am over 25 and I have a bike under 3 years old. Then it might be financially feasible.

    Until then, I just park out of side behind my house, with a high quality disk lock on both bikes.
  16. As long as you're insured against the damage you do to other people/their property its all good by the world :) However, self insuring (putting money away) should still be a priority since Murphy's Law dictates your bike is destined to self combust within days...
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  18. My thoughts, were always if you cant afford the insurance, dont buy the toy - be it a fast car or bike or boat.

    And it sucks to be under 25 and wanting to own a nice toy, you basically can't get it insured at a rate that is affordable. So you need to weigh up, is it worth risking the cost of the bike, so depending what you buy, lets say $10k. Do you really want to risk having it flogged after a few months? its the whole risk v benefit which differs for everyone.

    Until you are over 25, i'd say, buy a cheaper bike until you can afford the insurance.