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Safe to ride on L's? Or wait until Q-Ride?...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, May 15, 2008.

  1. OK so next weekend I'm checked in for Q-Ride hopefully to get my open licence (although it may take more than 1 day) - so it could be another week away...

    In the meantime I have growing anticipation and am chomping at the bit to start riding. I'm likely to finish getting my gear this weekend and then will be on the hunt for a bike.

    There are a few possible bikes currently advertised that I'd be keen to look at, but dont really want to get hold of bike if all I can do is watch it sitting in our carport for a few weeks!

    So theres 2 questions:

    1) Is it LEGAL for me to ride around on my own with L's just to get the hang of riding, gearchanging, braking etc etc going up and down our quiet, flat, straight, cul-de-sac road in Suburban Brissie avoiding all traffic and generally just annoying the neighbours... or am I only permitted to ride when 'supervised' by a licenced rider? (I should be able to look this up at qldtransport.com- but havent reached any satisfactory unambiguous statements yet)

    2) If legal - Is it *sensible*? Or given that my Q-ride is only 10 days away should I just 'suck it up' and wait patiently? Should I wait for the improved safety that comes from that bit of training - or should I try and 'self-train' a bit so that I hopefully do better at my Q-Ride?

    Of course it may be all a moot point if I dont find a bike I'm prepared to buy, cant get the cash out of the bank or cant persuade the vendor to do me a favour and rider it to my home!!

    This is the only relevant sentance from Qld Transport:

    Does that mean someone has to be "teaching" you at all times? Or does it mean that *if* someone is teaching you, they must be an open licence holder.... Does anyone see this as ambiguous? :?

  2. Queensland is a confusing state!

    Come to Victoria! Us mexicans have some f**ked up laws, but at least you can ride for 15 months on L's as much as you can on an open licence (restrictions on drink, cc's and pillions not withstanding).

    I'm clocking up 1000ks a month on L's and it's all good practice for the P test this weekend. Gotta get the experience somehow.

    Good luck on your Q-ride!
  3. so you can ride unsupervised on your L plates in vic?
  4. And in NSW...

    Got some expereince commmuting to and from work.. :)
  5. yep, and up to the max posted speed limit.
  6. As far as I know you'll need to to be supervised by a licensed rider. Where in Brisbane are you?
  7. well why would you even bother getting your full license when you can stay on Ls the whole time and do what every one else can??
  8. Because full license= full sized bikes
  9. dadsagain.. in qld if you are on your Ls, legally you have to have a supervised rider as a pillion, folllowing you or behind you
  10. Isn't that odd? In QLD you can have a pillion if you're on your L's, but down here you have to wait til you're off restrictions.

    Campag! I'm doing my P's this weekend too! Where are you getting yours?
  11. Good God :shock:

    So you can PILLION someone on your Ls? I thought pillioning was… more complicated… and that’s why the NSW laws forbid L/P platers from doing it.

    There’s some crazy, crazy laws around… :shock:
  12. In QLD you can only pillion someone that is supervising you - someone who's got a full license and should know what to do (and more importantly what not to do) as a pillion.

    It is more complicated, yes - Unlike a passenger in a car, an inexperienced passenger on a bike can do things which will upset the vehicle and possibly cause a crash. Particularly if they squirm or fidget in the seat, or if they panic and try to sit upright as the bike leans into a turn. Hopefully an experienced rider (in the pillion seat) knows these things and knows not to do them. :) The experienced rider could also remind the learner to account for the longer accelerating and braking distances.

    Since learners are 'solo' in NSW and VIC, chances are any pillions they carry will be just as inexperienced as the riders themselves, which could be a bad combination in the first few weeks/months of riding.
  13. hippo, I'm doing mine at Motorcycle Motion in Keys road Moorabbin. Have to do the 5:30pm - 9:30pm course for the sat and sun as they were booked out on the arvo one.

    I would have done it last week but for work getting in the way at the last moment.
  14. I still cant get my head around learners in vic being able to ride on their own, i am so freaking jealous, so let me get this straight... you apply for your learners and can buy a LAMS bike, ride it on your own around the city up to 70km/h for as long as your learners is current, then you do a course in a few months which then lets you gain your open license and access to any bike of any cc you choose?

    Whats it like for car licenses, when you get your Ls u can start cruising the streets on your own??
  15. Learners

    You can get your L's, get a Lams bike(1st of June) and cruise around the city at the speed limits - upto 110km on some highways. For a car, no, you have to have a fully licensed supervisor