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Safe to plug inside the tread groove?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I picked up a rivet last week, right in the bottom of a tread groove.
    I seem to recall hearing it's not "safe" to repair in the tread groove - is this true?
    Plan to use my last furry worm in it tonight, and put it in for a new hoop tomorrow if that doesn't plug it tight...

  2. I've plugged in the tread area a couple of times, mostly right near the centre, I should add....
  3. Worms are only a temporary measure anyway, it should be safe enough to get you to the shop to get a plug inside the tyre.
  4. If it's in the meaty area of the tyre and not the sides it's perfectly ok to plug it. Tread groove or not.
    As VC stated a furry worm is temporary but the plug by a tyre fitter is permanent
  5. Can't think why. The plug doesn't know where it is, the bottom of the groove is, if anything, subject to less movement than the surface and the structural carcass has a hole in it whether the puncture is in the groove or not.

    Unless someone can come up with a bloody good reason otherwise ("bloody good" indicating the inclusion of a plausible engineering reason and not just "because XYZ says so" unless XYZ included said plausible reason), I'd be perfectly happy to try it.
  6. Be careful if you are doing a front. Not a good idea. They go down fast. And while it had some air last corner .... Just be careful if it's the front. If the bars get heavy...get off.
    The rear is fine plug it and smoke it up.
    Only place I would not plug is the sidewall
  7. Thanks all - glad I asked since I never knew worms weren't a long-term deal...
    And it's in the rear Bretto - it had to be the rear, since that was the one I replaced about a month ago... ](*,)