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Safe to learn at night?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ageg, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im currently just learning how to ride and was wondering if its a risk practicing riding at night time, the only reason i ask is that around my area its quiet busy with traffic during the day time and didn't really wanna go out during the day due to it being so busy.

    So i was thinking of practicing at night? a good idea or not?

  2. sooner or later you're going to have to ride at night anyway

    everything is the same at night except the illumination

    practice your skills under all sorts fo conditions and you'll be able to use them under all sorts of conditions, right at the moment it's about building confidence....
  3. My first sessions on the bike were early (6AM) on a Saturday morning. I spent the weekend thereafter burning around Sydney with my dad in the blazing, full-illuminating sun. After he left on the Monday, I only practiced after work, anywhere between 7PM - 9PM.

    There really wasn't much difference to any of it. Early morning and night had a few less cars, but street lights and my headlight meant that I was never freaking out about darkness et cetera. So go for it!
  4. I also practiced a lot at night after work when I first got my L's. Roads are usually quieter, cars are more visible due to their lights being on, they see your headlight and are marginally less likely to pull out in front of you. No one there to laugh when you do something dumb. Also there are more empty car parks to practice in. In terms of learning I found short sessions every night better than a big session on the weekend.
  5. I totally agree with practising at night too. Thats what I was doing when I first started out. I still prefer long night rides to riding in the day with traffic.
  6. night is nice, if your headlight is crap try to stay off roads with out street lamps, i remember a not very fun ride up the wakehurst parkway with my hornets pissy little light pretty much affording me 1m of vision.
  7. I practiced a lot at night too when I started. Didnt want to commute till the skills were a bit better and needed to practice the slow stuff in empty carparks. I wanted to ride every day and I'm sure this helped me improve a lot quicker.

    The only problems I had were dogs/cats suddenly running out on the road at night. But that was pretty rare. Also I tended to avoid Thurs/Fri nights whe there were heaps more idiots around.
  8. thank for your input guys :)
  9. i used to ride plenty at night, not straight away when i was learning but soon after. i love riding at night, gotta watch for more stuff (animals, and of course harder to see) but less traffic and its very refreshing.

    i say go for it, take it easy :)
  10. riding at night is a lot better to learn, as you have less pressure of 'not screwing up' with heaps of traffic around you.
    Just be careful n be a lil bit more alert for cats n other animals just dashing out from the sides of the road.

    Make sure you initial night riding practice is on roads you know really well and are somewhat lit latest!
  11. It's only safe to ride at night if you turn your lights off. Having your lights on can dazzle drivers and cause them to careen into your path.
  12. yup more animals at night....t boned a dog once 10 pm at night no one on the rd, big ****er too, never heard a dog yelp so loud, meantime, boy was i glad i was sliding down the road on my bigfat oversized harley jacket, it has been atgatt for me ever since :popcorn:
  13. I have a long history of not agreeing with Paul, but on this I do.

    You've got to learn about riding in the dark at some time. Daytime is safer, because you can see stuff, but you're always going to be in the traffic. If you can get out at night and get a clear road - that may actually be better. You do need to be a smidgen more careful and conservative in the dark. Slippery stuff like gravel on the road can be much harder to see. Wildlife is a bit more common. Cops are still writing tickets but the target pool is smaller. The loonies come out. There are differences.

    It gets cold. Learn to rug up. Fuel is harder to find. It's easier to run out in the middle of nowhere.
  14. +1 for learning at night. Probably not the first dozen rides but after that, have at it.
  15. ... all a part of riding!!...just get out there and make sure you feel comfortable in all environments!!..:)
  16. also, something i've heard from other people in regards to hitting animals at night,

    if its a small animal and hitting it is imminent, then, don't jump on your brakes. speed up a bit instead.
    i know of a guy who totalled his bike after hitting a rabbit. he got on his brakes hard and when he hit the rabbit, just stacked it and slid down the road.
  17. Hmmmm.....yeah this is what they need to hear