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Safe selling tips?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Llama, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. So as you can see in my sig I'm selling my bike. It's kind of a big deal because I've never sold something so expensive before. So I was wondering what kind of precautions and procedures you guys go though when selling a bike to a complete stranger.

    For example, what kind of payments are safe to accept? Check, paypal, direct debit, western union, cash etc.

    So far I've heard that giving test rides is generally a bad idea.

    Normally I'm carefree when it comes to trading but looking at the Stolen Bike Register you can tell there's clearly a lot of scammers out there! [-(
  2. Well, i had issues with ebay.. with a non paying bidder.
    eventually sold it to the second person but still, so thats something to be aware of.

    Cash in hand is always better for me than a Cheque.

    In regards to test rides, when i bought my gs500 my dad came with me.. and was waiting whilst i took the test ride, if they come by themselves... take a copy of their license, and a photo of the person.. you don't have to tell them you're taking a photo.. just pretend to be texting and take a happy snap.

    collateral? i know there was a guy who left a stolen car but.. it is something to think about.

    if you think the person is going to do a runner, perhaps ask for a deposit?
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  3. So I've got a message here that with some lines I lines I feel suspicious about:

    "so i can pay
    you right away as am busy at work and do not have much time around me."

    Heaps busy but they're happy to pay me right away?

    "Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN"

    Now why would someone in Australia be contacting me from a Nigerian grps?
  4. yep be wary about guys on oil rigs!!
    Never let a learner take your bike for a test ride UNLESS they have all cash in YOUR hand to hold of what you are asking for.. I advertise 'No test pilots' Hold the license not a copy, and even then a fake can be produced [without you knowing]
    CASH is the universal language in my opinion..
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  5. Well I think I've got a scammer here...

    This is in response to my "Paypal is fine with me, do you plan on coming to check out the bike yourself first?"

    I'm going to ask if they want me to ship this to Nigeria for them.
  6. I wouldnt allow paypal but thats me.. and this does sound iffish, ask for a mobile number if it goes to voicemail then dump it. hide your number too. fark em, dont trust noone [I am bad lol]
  7. Yeah those messages that start like this 'Hello is bike still available? What is final price? Contact (random email address)' are usually scammers. I've trolled a few and then just said that I believe they are trying to defraud me and will report them to the federal police :D

    On selling, I'll have a chat to the person buying and suss out how they are and what bikes's they've had (if any). If its a learner/P plater, inexperienced rider or just aren't clicking with them then I usually won't be keen on a testride. A big plus is if they bring a mate with them to stand around while they are test riding - you know they're coming back!

    All up I don't have a problem with test rides, but they need to express a serious interest in the bike.

    Cheers - boingk
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  8. Dont take paypal.
    If they use a stolen card or do a card chargeback, and you have no protection from it. you'll lose the bike and the money.
  9. bank cheque or cash thats it..
  10. Yeah, don't use PayPal. I've seen too many burnt by people like the one responding to you! Thats obviously a scammer so drop it like a hot rock!

    Put in the add that test rides available upon cash deposit/full amount only. And take a copy of their licence on your phone camera. Also state "You damage-You Buy!"
  11. I Havnt sold anything similar myself yet, but, I've heard of friends only giving test rides meeting in the cop shop carpark. I reckon that would deter them
  12. Yep, tell them to bring cash and their original license if they want a test ride.
  13. Hey that's exactly how it went! I was trying to go along with it but they stopped responding. I guess they send a fake receipt or some form of payment they can cancel/reverse, what I was curious about though is how they go about picking up the bike from Nigeria - I guess they must have a contact and some sort of system for that =D>

    I've found another, non-fraud issue with PayPal; it's actually a bit expensive I think it charges like %2.4 for transactions, which is nothing when buying knick-knacks of eBay but it becomes a lot with vehicles.
  14. i'd say screw paypal, credit cards and if they wanna pay direct deposit have a debit account with a $50 limit and use that account..
  15. Until that mate says "test run's taking a while, I'll go and see if I can find out what's wrong," and you never see either of them again. Be wary. If the person turns up seemingly without a vehicle, watch out, the driver is around the corner in a van.... It happened to me, he knew I was onto him and he left.
  16. I'd even say no to direct deposit, if they have the money in their account, just go to the bank and get cash.