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Safe riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MyoMan, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. I hope everyone is safe out on the road today. Just now on my way home from work I had a black Merc CL650 or whatever drive inches from my ass after he tried to cut me off. A few glances at him gave him the right idea and he backed off a bit. Just so many people being dicks today. A cager slammed on his brakes to let merging traffic enter on to the freeway in front of me. . . . The freeway. Grrr! Is it "try and kill MyoMan day" today?
    Stay safe

  2. Locked up on the line while splitting down the eastern distributor. That was fun.
  3. Was riding through Elwood and got hit by a female asian driver!! yay for me!
  4. Glad you're keeping your sense of humour about it!
  5. No point in getting too upset about it, i'm OK nothing broken besides a few sore spots..
    The bike can be repaired ..

    I'm more upset about having to catch the train to work ;)

  6. Shit I hope you're ok. Was it a SMIDSY?
  7. Indeed it was , i was riding along in the left lane , she decided she wanted to be in the left lane and BOOM!!!

    Juz hits the deck...
  8. While the driver is clearly the one at fault, do you think you may have learnt anything positive from this experience? As in, could you have possibly avoided getting hit if you were doing something slightly differently? (Escape routes, situational awareness, etc). Or was it just a "not a chance" sort of incident?

    Not by any means giving you shit or allocating any blame, but if you can take a lesson out of this experience it may be useful in future. Take it from one who has had a number of spills, solo and with others!
  9. Nah i was riding in the left lane with cars parked there... I didn't have an escape route in this instance.

    Sure i could have been in the right lane behind her etc , in this instance though my window of opportunity was greatly diminished.. Using hindsight as the great educator I could refrain from using the left lane when there are cars parked there, but that sounds like giving up my right to use it..

    Without adding fuel to an already burning fire... my gear saved me from potential injuries. I'll leave it at that.
  10. Cheers mate, and speedy recovery! Glad you were geared up and not in shorts lol!
  11. Blue line is me .. red is lady.. (excuse the rough example )

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  12. is it ok to do that in VIC? it's like 1.5 lane width? (we have convict sized roads up here.. no extra space next to parked cars :D )
  13. One thing I do love about bikes is the visibility. Not only are there no panels to get in the way but you are much higher than a lot of lower cars so that you can anticipate a lot of things ahead. Sometimes though you can be doing the right thing and someone does something stupid to ruin.
    What did the lady say when she hit you?
  14. It was a normal lane, but there are car parking spots as well for the beach... So when its all full , its essentially half a lane..
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  15. JayteeJaytee sorry to hear about your incident and hope you are planning on seeing someone for your sore bits, just in case. :happy:

    In the meantime, MyoManMyoMan welcome to NR. It sounds like you've been riding for a little while since you know what a SMIDSY is. What do you ride?

    ....and what is a SMIDSY?
  16. It's acronym for "sorry mate I didn't see you" when a car has bowled a bike over due to not looking properly...
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  17. I love learning new things!:bookworm: Thank you chillibuttonchillibutton
  18. Yeh what he said. I'm actually quite new to riding but I used to drive a lot and in that time I saw a lot worse car drivers than anything else. I guess people just think because they're in a safe environment and have a bit of metal around them that they don't need to worry about anybody else.
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