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Saddlebags or top box??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Shadow200, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Just want a bit of advice. I own a 2002 Honda TA200 Shadow, Cruiser bike. Ride to work everyday and need something to store my shoes, clothes, etc. Also something that looks nice and suits the bike. Don't want to much wind resistance either. What do you suggest, saddlebags or top box(or bag).

  2. Don't know much about saddle bags as don't ride a cruiser. If you are going to upgrade your bike to another cruiser anytime soon then I would probably go with saddle bags as you can take them from bike to bike.

    Maybe also look at a tank bag :grin:
  3. I say saddlebags , they suit cruisers more then a top box or tank bag.

    Most of them are in line withyour legs, so the wind would hit your legs and not catch the saddlebags.
    Try a few out, and see which looks better.

    Good luck :grin:
  4. Im in the same situation......
    at coffee on sunday night we had this very discussion.
    Because I'm not too sure on exactly how long I'm going to be keeping this bike...
    I don't want to spend alot of money on saddlebags or a rack.(although I do really want a sissy bar/backrest)
    The decision I have come to is that I should get a tank bag...or one of them bags that have straps/clips that fit onto the pillion seat.(like Sean's got)
    Im going bag hunting this weekend.
  5. if you dont like wind resistance, why did you buy a cruiser :shock:

    :p :p sorry :oops:


    for a cruiser, def go saddlebags. i reckon packrack/top box/tank bag might look a little dikky....
  6. one thing to consider.....with saddle bags..you have to unload your gear into another bag to cart it with you.
    with the seat bag im looking at..you just unclip it and take it with you.
  7. No you don't you can get ghost saddle back attachments, Your bag hooks on and locks, when you want to tak eit off unlock it and take the bag with you.
  8. i have Both
    but mine are not solids or leather and are relatively very light.
    dririder and motodry meterial
    i take the saddle's off when only going for short rides ,
    i would not and will not ever have a tank bag

  9. really.....maybe I better look into these.
  10. I have been checking them out for myself :)
    Can now buy from Kazzmazz well worth the $$ i am thinking.

  11. Leather saddlebags will suit the look of the cruiser.

    But it'll have to be leather ones, which means security wise you can't just leave valuable stuff in them and go.

    Top box will look like crap, but is lockable.

    The trade-offs you do :)
  12. sadle bags

    Gearsacks way to go I reckon,you can padlock them,I have lived out of mine before for weeks on end,great for travelling,car or bike,and if youre lugging heaps of crappola,you buy 2,and put them back to back and can carry a lot of gear,rode cross to Perth like that,for suits and shirts they aint the best but when you get to youre destination,lob it of,take your gear,and get changed in the nearest dunny.

    Saddlebags I found can damage ducktail fairing,scuffing it and depending on type,as mentioned security can also be an issue,there locating points are just to close to back wheel for my liking,if there leather and a tie down strap comes loose,recipe for serious disaster,if there like aluminium touratech or hard case,then there not really a prob,they will alter bikes handling characteristics ever so slighlty,especially loaded and especially unevenly balanced,but you tend to end up compensating relatively automatically for that,unless youre on the way to ten pin bowling with Apu,Mo,and Barney,carrying "Homer" :blah:
  13. I'm looking at what I think are a smaller version of the dririder version. They seem to look like they'd suit the best, and price wise pretty good, at least until we get the bigger bike. I'm sick of tying down my adidas sports bag to the sissy bay. Pain in the neck when you want to get stuff out.!!
  14. I just got some Oxford cordura style saddle bags for my Aquila. I decided that because my bike isn't really the traditional cruiser look that the usual leather with big buckles and tassles wasn't the best look. They're the throw over type, so I can either lock them with padlocks or just pick them up, throw over my shoulder and take them with me.

    I've also recently seen an Aquila with a very tasteful top box that didn't look terrible, so don't discount top boxes. I'll try to find a link to the pictures...
  15. Thanks, pics with a top box would be good, mine isn't the traditional cruiser either. I'm still leaning towards the saddle bags. Are they easy to attach??
  16. Re: sadle bags

    Many people use a saddle bag bracket, this keeps the bag out and away from the tyres. When a saddle bag is attached with the leather cords you trim the excess, so if it does come undone it's no where near long enough to get into chain or tyres. If you left them long thats just stupid and dangerous.
    With the ghost brackets you can lock your bags in place, some bags themselfs have locks on them aswell. So you can just unlock the bag from the clip put it over your shoulder and away you go. OR i know of a few who have a thin (like coles green bag) inside the saddle bag so when they get to where there going they just pull the inner bag out.

    I like the idea of a hard top box or panniers, but they don't look right on a cruiser to me.

    Saddle bags are easy to fit. Many go under your pillion seat and secure from the top that way, many go over the seat aswell.
    It depends on the bag you want, and if you have a saddlebag bracket aswell. Also depends on if you wish to remove it and carry it with you each day.

    Good luck K :)