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Saddle Bags

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by camille, May 9, 2006.

  1. hi everyone, i'm new here...

    hmm... i know nothing about bikes (yes i'm on my L's..) and i'm considering to get one of those saddle bags. i'm riding on a xv250 and its costs too much to buy the bags from yamaha. looking on ebay now, wondering if i need a saddle bracket set before i get the saddle bags, and how do i fit those in the bike...??

    thx so much :grin:

  2. Hey,

    You can get a standard soft set from Bikemart in Ringwood called the Oxford 1st Panniers. They are about $90. They strap under you seat and hold quite alot. My partner uses a set on trips away on her Thundercat YZF600R. She loves them.

    I use the motodry variant (about $120), but they are about the same thing.

    No brackets required :)
  3. ahh..... thx~ :)

    i found there are some saddle bags made from leather, not too expensive on ebay, what do u think about them? :roll:
  4. That's ok.

    Leather ones are good and all, a bit bulky & weighty IMO. Heavy to lug around if you are walking with them too.

    If you buy something made of textile and generic sizing like the Motodry or Oxfords (which BTW are expainable, which helps when you go touring and your gear expands for no reason :LOL: :LOL: ), you can also use them easily on your next bike or loan them to others etc.

    Panniers are funny things and I would recommend trying a few sets on you bike before commiting to the purchase.
  5. thx~
    that's very helpful~~~ :) :) :grin:
  6. Check out the top of page banner ad's for Peters Accessories. Steve designs and makes saddle bags at terrific prices, without the middleman and retail add-on.
  7. you will need to buy saddlebag supports for a virago 250

    and careful what bags you buy, large ones will simply not fit, it's a small bike :)
  8. wow, they sell cool bags there too~
    thx~ :)
    is it the "saddle bracket set" thing you're talking about? or is it something else...?
    i found those saddle bracket set on the yamaha website and was thinking i need one of them too... :?: :p