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Saddle bags or sissy bar bag?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Kaos, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. I have the C109RT Boulevard and can't decide wether to get two saddle bags or the sissy bar bag and the mount/bar itself.
    I want to keep the clean cruiser lines of the bike without turning it into a bulky tourer.
    There's also the problem of having waaay to many choices, very few of which I can actually look at and see how they sit on the bike.

  2. Keep it clean Kaos, way too many baggers on the road as it is. I do throw saddlebags on to tour with, but take em off again as soon as I get home, constant use can also damage your paintwork if you use the type of bags that fit under your pussy pad.
  3. I have a sissy bar bag and saddle bags as well but prefer the look without the sissy bar bag, it does look bulky but I need the extra packing space sometimes so it needs to stay there. (mind you, my sissy bar bag is 35 litre capacity, a smaller bag would look better :) )
  4. First question I would ask myself is, why do I want the bags and second is which will do the better job for why I need them.
    Then I would look at which option will fit best the needs.
    For myself I mounted a set of medium size hard panniers on the cruiser which also have the indicators inbuilt.
    I bought them because I commute to work and needed some storage for clear/tinted helmet visor, summer/winter gloves, a bottle of water and my lunch box.
    The thought of carrying around a backpack didn't appeal to me.
  5. Thanks for responding.
    The bike is not a daily so really the only things I need to carry around is the odd briefcase for 4wd committee meetings, maybe ride up to Healsville for a loaf of bread, etc...
    Maybe a decent backpack would suit. For the Boulevard being one of the largest bikes on the road, its kinda odd they have no storage lol.
  6. sissy bar for passenger to lean back on might be the go with a bag that hangs off it?
    with the soft bags, if you use sheepskin on the 'paintwork' side for protection might help save you some cash for repaints later
  7. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for baggers, and the top of my list would have to be the Victory Cross Country which I think has one sexy rear end,, a mix between a classic crusier and modern design, or the best of both worlds ... :)
  8. i have k-drive saddle bags on my c50 they come in handy all they time ,they lock onto the mounting brackets very easy to take on & off.
  9. as Nobby Said bags can cause paint to come off.. under the pussy pad my paint is sc****d to the shyt house from the leather rubbing... i take mine off when i am not using them.. but they are handy to store wet weather gear when required
  10. I hate both, really i do...Love the clean look..HOWEVER.....needed luggage solutions to my various over night rides so i just whacked a set of solid bags on my bike ( very small ones, and i got solid bags so no damage would be done to my bike) and although i hate how they look, they are so freaking useful that i havent taken them off...Id be lost without them now...

    Heres a pic so you can see what i mean about the look of them with n without...

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  11. My mate had a set on his yammi 650 cruiser which ere quick release. Slide on and then key lock, done.

    5 seconds to put on or off, secure (Ie, can't be stolen from the bike and locked closed), and looked great. Cost a significant amount though.

    I rarely take the saddlebags off my Boulevard now, but I do take her to work most days currently.
  12. Has anyone got any ideas about backpacks? Has anyone found the 'ideal' motorcycle backpack?
  13. I don't find backpacks to be that bad when riding a cruiser. I have a regular mid size caribee backback that i've used since school days and it works just fine. Just as long as you can strap it firmly.

    My brother did buy a bike specific icon backpack, it looks kinda cool and has hivis panels but it's so large and the supports only attach to the top half of the bag so it wobbles around at high speeds.
  14. Oh man those Caribee backpacks are brilliant. I've also had one for about 20 -25 years and its still going strong.
  15. I use a Kriega US20 and US30 back/tail packs on my M109r. Guaranteed for 10 years and 100% waterproof. Both strap under the back seat or can be worn as a messenger bag. Good value for money too.
  16. Hey those Kriega units dont look too bad, might be just the solution!
  17. I've had Oxford throw overs and on the Z1000 a ventura rack/bag combo, nothing comes as close to the build quality and convenience of the Kriega kit. I wear my US20 and the US30 as either backpack and tail pack depending on whether I've got the pillion seat fitted on the M109r
    Kriega also sell dedicated backpacks too.
    *Full disclosure* I have no commercial agreement or links to Kriega - just love their kit.
  18. +1 Kriega. I don't have a cruiser, but they should do the job no different.

    You may not have anywhere on the bike you can attach them to if you use a single seat though.

    Oh, and the hard plastic bits can and do sc**** your paintwork. I didn't pay attention and had the plastic bits pressing against the fuel cover on my tail :(
    But shouldn't be a problem if they're not literally rubbing against the paintwork. Just got to watch where you place the bags, that's all.
  19. I have a biatch seat but no biatch so strapping down a bag there is perfect. Plus there is four screws on the Boulevard that are either side of the seat which you can change out for knobs to attatch things to. Hmm might order the Kriega 20/30 packs.
  20. That would make it harder to get on and off the bike with a pack on the real seat. I have saddlebags for longer trips but have a small Willie and Max sissybar bag that carries a torch, sunscreen, chamois, tie downs, sunglasses case, Cat Crap and a cleaning cloth.
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