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Saddle Bags and Sissy bar bag arrived today from USA

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by oz_mick, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I am pretty happy my leather saddle bags and leather sissy bar bag arrived from USA,,,, I bought them from this website http://www.jafrum.com/

    Thought maybe some others might be interested,,, took 2 weeks to arrive from date of purchase. Customs inspected the bags and they got thru no problems.

    Now I can do some short overnight trips :) and not have to wear a back pack to goto the shops.

  2. Spent some time looking at their stuff - prices seem pretty good!.

    Nice to see they look after Aussies too!
  3. It cost me AUD$212 for the SD2051 saddle bags and SB1 sissy bar bag including postage. Earlier this year I had emailed customs and asked them about importing from USA and they said no probs as long as it did not exceed AUD$1000.

    My only worry was that the items were Leather and they may cut the leather to see if its been treated or not.

    The sissy bar bag looks a bit confusing to start but has multitudes of straps, the saddle bags have a quick release under the leather strap.

    The bags are actually made in Pakistan, maybe the quality is not as good as what you get for a huge price, but the functionality is there and they dont look too bad.

    Anyway at the end of the day I am happy and am looking forward to doing some short overnighters on my Virago 750 :)

    When I get a chance I will put up a picture if anybody is interested
  4. Ahem............photos please :wink:
  5. Pics as requested...

    Shows saddle bags fitted to bike, I got fairly large ones as I have a frame for bags on the bike already, but there are smaller sizes available. I think the bags are rigid enough not to require a frame.

    This morning I went shopping and filled the bags with some groceries and did not have any issues with the way they sit or mount.

    The Sissy bar bag is in two parts the top being a removable leather bag for a sleeping bag. This then is secured by straps to the top of the bag. The lower bag is shown in its smallest form ie: there is a zip which allows expansion. It is made from soft leather and there is also a rain cover which will fit completely over the bag. The bag can be mounted on the front and rear fo the sissy bar and feels quite secure both ways.

    As I wont be carrying a passenger this way suits me, however I would fit a rack on the rear to save the bag rubbing on the rear guard.

    Also there are four zipped side pockets suitable for small items and readly accessible.

    Anyway hope these pics and description are helpful to anyone considering buying bags


  6. What is the storage volume of the rack bag, I am interested in getting one.
  7. From the Jafrum website the sissy bag dimensions are as follows:

    Brand: Jafrum

    Material: Cowhide Leather

    Color: Black

    Dimensions: Big Bag: 16 inch wide X 21 inch tall X 6 inch depth ( 12 inch depth when expanded)

    Small Bag: 15 inch X 9 inch X 9 inch

    Refer http://www.jafrum.com/Motorcycle-Luggage/Motorcycle-Sissy-Bar-Bags/SB1

    They have many types of leather luggage there make sure you read the description as some bags are PU leather which is synthetic man made leather. The "small bag" fits my sleeping bag which is a full size sleeping bag. Also there is a rain cover which goes over the whole lot.

    Also there is the more heavy duty bag but is more expensive,,, I thought for my use the cheaper, but still leather bag, would suffice.

    Refer http://www.jafrum.com/Motorcycle-Luggage/Motorcycle-Sissy-Bar-Bags/SB1Naked

    Hope this helps