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Sad Tale of road rage gone wrong

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dougz, Mar 1, 2008.

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  2. Right. Methinks he's going to be needing a damn good lawyer if he expects that one to work in court.

    Unless of course the defendants wealthy and white, and the guy on the bike is poor and/or black - in which case he'll walk free in no time (it is the US after all).
  3. Sounds like idiot daughters almost kill motorcyclist, motorcyclist is upset and follows idiot daughters home, inbred hillbilly father finishes what the daughters didn't quite complete.
  4. Hmm...
  5. This is why I was told rule no 1 about driving in America is don't road rage. You have to assume everyone has a gun!
  6. i was thinking the same thing. but its america. over here, i doubt there would be anyone stupid enough to take on a car with a bike. we all know who is going to win that in the end, but over there? those crazy fcukers would try anything one time i think, so im not willing to pass comment.
  7. An L plate rider was shot about 5 or 6 years ago here in Brunswick. He was cut off by a Mercedes, followed the guy home and got into an argument. The Mercedes driver pulled a gun and shot him dead.

    In court he claimed it was self-defence but his own home video security camera showed otherwise. He got 20 years...

    article here
  8. Who the fcuk purposely rams a car with their bike? You kick cars, not ram them... Either the girls rammed him (which the article says is a possibility) or it was prolly a ding from an earlier bingle the girls had and the cops are doing the "benefit of the doubt" thing.
  9. Posted in response to the article on a US forum I frequent.

    So, it looks like there at least two trigger happy hillbillies over there.*

    *Conservative estimate.
  10. Correction... Rule No 1 should be simply... Don't go to America... they're f'in nutz.
  11. Really?? Been there? Met anyone? :roll: I've been many times ... have relatives there. Felt safer there than I do in frigging Northbridge here in Perth after midnight.

    Far and away the majority of American people are exactly the same as we are ... except generally far more polite.

    Generalisations like yours say more about you than Americans ...

  12. hope the shooter gets jail time and the little bitches pay!
  13. That I have... many a times, on average of 3 months at a time. Majority while I was in the Army, a few times after I got out to visit some of the lesser nutterz I had met there.

    It was a light hearted comment in jest, you take it to literal and serious...

    You sound like one to those goddamn do-gooders that has an opinion higher than mighty and think you are better than the rest.

    And yes... I forgot to take my meds today.
  14. If it was indeed meant in jest, I apologise unreservedly for my comments. And no, I'm no do-gooder (believe me, far from it), just someone who gets a little peeved when I see constant America-bashing. You can dislike their politics, but the majority of people are no different from us. Don't know where the inference that I'm "high and mighty" or "better than the rest" comes from; nothing I said leads to that conclusion. In fact, if anything, I have an inferiority complex ....
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  16. you a member over there too cheffy? :grin:
  17. Nah mate, Fireblades scare me :p

    I found that through a link of a link of a link off another site.
    I came across the whole stupid affair a couple of days ago and have been following it. There's another news article that's more comprehensive than the one posted, but i haven't found it again.

    It was reported that the father fired two warning shots into the air before killing the rider.
    There's no evidence to suggest the rider made it onto the property.
    There have been previous complaints against the father for shooting at people in the past.
    The girls were in a 4wd. Collision experts believe the car made contact with the bike, not the other way around, although they haven't released their report as yet. they are waiting to see if any witnesses come forward.

    In the good old days, they'd be hitting the daughter with a phonebook until they found some answers. ah the good old days. :LOL:
  18. its a worry you know, these yanks with their right to have a gun :?
  19. I think they should have all the guns they want.

    ...just don't let them have any bullets. I don't think they've made the connection yet.
  20. Why did he follow the girls home anyway? Was he planning for a later revenge or just trying to impress the girls?
    Or was it what they call it stalking?